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During the first day, 300 thousand euros were sent: in Latvia, they announced a fundraiser for Bayraktar for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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Photo: Armyinform

Latvia is raising funds for the Bayraktar drone for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the second day since the start of this initiative, people donated 300 thousand euros.

Bayraktar for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: 300,000 euros were collected for a drone in Latvia in the first day

This was announced by the initiator of the meeting, the Latvian musician Ralfs Eilands.

“I spoke with the Ukrainian ambassador and with representatives of the embassy in Latvia, and I asked how we can help, what better way to help Ukraine. And they said, if you want to buy something, then the best thing that Latvia can help is Bayraktar. We discussed the possibility of buying other types of weapons, but we were told that it would be very difficult for a charitable foundation to acquire them even with the funds. And this option is the most realistic,” said Ralfs Eilands.

According to him, the collected funds will be transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Latvia, and already it will acquire Bayraktar in Turkey and transfer it to Ukraine.

Commenting on the prevalence of this initiative in different countries, Eilands noted that it is popular thanks to the Ukrainians.

“After the start of the war, there were songs about Bayraktar and videos with examples of their use. It is more accessible than other types of weapons, and ordinary people can do it, which is why it is so popular,” he said.

Recall that in Norway, a fee for Bayraktar for Ukraine was announced.

Note that the CEO of Baykar Makina said that he would never supply Bayraktar to Russia.

Earlier, the Minister of Defense of Lithuania and the President of the Turkish Defense Agency signed an agreement on the purchase of the strike Bayraktar for Ukraine.

Later, the drones arrived in Ukraine.

Source: PRM

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