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Svetlana Volnova: “Today’s life is like a movie – and it’s impossible to imagine what the next series will be like”

Mahatma Gandhi said: “We ourselves must become the changes we want to see in the world”. And that's right. If you want...

Adele appeared at the BRIT Awards ceremony in a Ukrainian brand dress

The BRIT Awards ceremony took place in London. One of the brightest stars at this event was the singer Adele. The 33-year-old...

A rare case: Kate Middleton was spotted leaving the store in jeans and a sweater

Kate Middleton, who attended an official event the day before with her father-in-law Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, was spotted on the street...

52-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones shared a video of her workout, showing the perfect figure

British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 52, who recently shared a bikini selfie on Instagram, posted a video of her workout showing her perfect figure. ...

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