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New trends in bouquets: advice from florist Polina Shkolnikova

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It is important for everyone to know trends in bouquets, because flowers are the best gift for a birthday, wedding, housewarming… Flowers are a fragile beauty that personifies the vitality of nature.

The famous woman told FACTS about trends in bouquets Ukrainian florist Polina Shkolnikova.

In modern bouquets and compositions, multi-colored colors are relevant, – Polina Shkolnikova says. – This trend is not accidental, because people now need positive emotions.

Multi-colored colors are popular in modern bouquets and compositions

— How do you recommend combining flowers in bouquets to make it look stylish and tasty?


For a composition to be harmonious, one color should dominate, while others serve as accents. But the most important advice: observe nature, the variety of its colors and textures. Forest, steppe, field are the best teachers, it is important to be attentive to everything.

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— What other trends are relevant?

— For example, contrasts in bouquets. In one of my works – a wedding bouquet – moss is combined with violet. This is a non-standard composition. Almost any flower can be combined with moss, since moss is a green color that goes with everything. The combination of spring flowers with greenery and vines looks very gentle.


The combination of spring flowers with greenery and vines looks very gentle.

— Are monochrome bouquets appropriate – that is, with flowers in the same color scheme?

— This bouquet is calmer and more subdued. Monochrome bouquets with stretched flowers are very interesting. Monochrome flower compositions are more appropriate for a gift to an official or a stranger. Colorful bouquets for sorry loved ones.

Monochrome bouquet created by Polina Shkolnikova, elegant and beautiful

— What about the shape of the bouquets?

— The priority is a free, natural form: as if you went to a garden or forest and picked an armful of flowers. Flowers in a bouquet can be different in height. Ideal shapes (spheres, hemispheres, triangular) are not relevant now. Also, symmetrical arrangement of flowers in a bouquet is not in trend.

— What flowers should not be combined in bouquets?

– Garden and field. For example, tulips and cornflowers. Also, you should not combine spring flowers with autumn ones, although now most plants on sale are out of season.

Polina Shkolnikova: “To create beautiful bouquets, observe nature, the variety of its colors and textures”

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Photo from Polina Shkolnikova’s album



Source: Fakty

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