Editor’s Note: The following article contains spoilers for Episode 11 of Season 3 of the series. Ted Lasso.Only one episode left before the eventual series finale. Ted Lasso hurries to tie every free thread. That’s why NateNick Mohammed) Redemption and his decision to leave West Ham happened behind the scenes. That’s why Keely JonesJuno Temple) was mostly wasted in Season 3. However, the most baffling moment of the season may have happened in season 3, episode 11, when Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) receives a surprise visit from Becks (Keely Hazell) and Miss Kakes (Rosie Lou). Undoubtedly, this unexpected visit anticipates the fall of Rupert (Anthony Head), which proved again and again that it can no longer be fixed. But such an important plot point should have started earlier in the season.



What does this scene with Rebecca and Becks mean in Ted Lasso?

Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton in Season 3 of Ted Lasso
Picture via Apple TV+

We first met Becks in the first season of the show. Ted Lasso when Rebecca discovers that her ex-husband is dating a younger woman also named Rebecca. To make things even more awkward, Becks and Rupert had an affair prior to Rebecca’s divorce. However, despite the fact that Rebecca met Becks in the worst possible way, the young woman is not so bad. In reality, she seems to be in love with Rupert and dedicates her energies to raising their child. Unfortunately, Rupert is still an asshole, and soon after his new marriage, he turns his eyes to other women.

In the third season, we are introduced to Miss Caques, Rupert’s new secretary. Rebecca catches Rupert with Miss Caques, realizing that the owner of West Ham is cheating on his new wife. Although Rupert’s actions are to be blamed, the affair is not illegal. So while Rupert is undeniably a sexist pig, so far his behavior has bordered on criminality. But when Becks and Miss Caques paid Rebecca a surprise visit, Ted Lasso could put Rupert at the center of a sexual harassment case.

We know that Ms. Kakes suddenly disappeared from the series. And when Rebecca questions Rupert about his secretary, he claims that Ms. Caques was fired due to alleged inappropriate behavior in the workplace. Of course, this is a false claim, and Rupert is probably trying to hide his fling by firing Ms. Kakes. However, if Rupert’s current wife and Ms. Caques work together and even asked for help from the millionaire’s ex-wife, it can be assumed that something more serious than a consensual affair happened behind the scenes. But while we all can’t wait to see Rupert’s payback, the three women should have joined forces much earlier this season.

Rupert’s reckoning shouldn’t be hasty

Keely Hazell as Becks and Anthony Head as Rupert Mannion holding a baby in the second season of Ted Lasso.
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While we still can’t know exactly which of Rupert’s dastardly actions led Becks and Ms. Cakes to Rebecca, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the three women will work together to expose the millionaire’s toxic behavior. As a man of power, Rupert took advantage of his secretary, which is already reason enough to go after the villain. Unfortunately, there just isn’t enough time for Ted Lasso take the matter with all the seriousness it deserves.

Ted Lasso loves to mix fact and fiction, drawing inspiration from real-life issues that plague the sports industry. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the show showed old white men thinking their money was buying them the right to abuse women. However, this is a sensitive topic and should not be rushed, which will happen next week. This is because there is only one episode left in the third season. Ted Lasso, which could be the final season of the show. And writers can fit so many storylines into one hour.

If Ted Lasso ends season 3, the show should use the last episode to say goodbye to Ted, explain if Richmond will win the championship, properly say goodbye to all individual players, re-introduce Nate to his coaching position, show if Sam (Tohib Jimo) will someday escape persecution by Edwin Akufo (Sam Richardson), solve Keely and Roy (Brett Goldstein) relationship and decide on Rebecca’s romantic future. How the hell are they going to investigate Rupert’s downfall in a way that properly addresses the problem of sexual harassment in the workplace? It’s just impossible! So, either Apple TV+ will finally green-light a new season by pushing some of these plot points into the future, or risk rushing into yet another big topic that deserves more attention than Ted Lasso I can give at the moment.

Earlier this season Ted Lasso already abused Keely’s leaked intimate video to move plot points that had nothing to do with her. And while the show persists in blaming the hackers who accessed Keely’s private video rather than the women who decided to make those videos in the first place, the whole case was dropped in just a couple of episodes. So even though the illegal display of women’s bodies is a pressing issue, the show just glossed it over and moved forward instead of giving everyone the proper time to realize the extent of the problem. As much as we love this show, season 3 has a major pacing issue that keeps damaging important storylines about major issues, and Keely sets a bad example of how Ted Lasso likely to handle Rupert’s predatory behavior.

Rupert Ted Lassothe greatest villain and we are happy that he will finally face the consequences of his actions. But sexual harassment isn’t something a show can just take one episode and say their job is done. In addition, for Rebecca and Bex to bond, they need time to explore their relationship. And it’s even worse to realize that Miss Caques didn’t even have a name in Ted Lasso, which only appears for a few minutes of execution. Finally, Ms. Kakes reappeared after a few unsettling encounters with Rupert, but this is another off-screen plot development.

It makes sense for the three women to join forces against Rupert and show the power of the sorority against the patriarch. Unfortunately, this plot was introduced too late in the season, and we have little hope. Ted Lasso will treat this storyline with due attention.

Final episode Ted Lasso Season 3 launches on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, May 31st.