Editor’s Note: Below are spoilers for Fast X.In what appears to be either the start of a two-part finale or a final trilogy (depending on who you ask) that is about to wrap up. Fast and Furious saga, Quick X provides more than enough action, death stunts, cheeky humor and VIN dieselStar power to keep longtime fans of the franchise excited and invested. While the promise of a “last ride” has been made in the past, the film recounts events clearly meant to bring this chapter of the family saga to a close. It’s somewhat unbelievable that the relatively simple original 2001 film spawned such deep mythology and so many sequels, but Fast and Furious fans never get tired of following all the subplots and recurring characters. While the movie itself is full of revelations and surprises, it ends on a shocking note that certainly hints at what’s to come in the next two installments.



It seems that for the first time in his life, Dom is in a relatively stable place where he can be reunited with his wife and child. He enjoys teaching his son Brian Markos (Abelo Perry) how to drive and spend time with Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), but any break that the House gets is bound to be temporary. Criminal genius Dante ReyesJason Momoa) uses extreme methods of attacking its potential victims and threatening their families; Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludacris), Khan (Sun Kang), Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), Mia (Jordana Brewster) and Jacob (John Cena) everyone is in danger, but Dante especially wants to torture Brian. Dom must find a way to defeat Reyes while ensuring the safety of his family, but Reyes is unpredictable and sadistic to the point where this is impossible. Fast and Furious the villain has never been before. Here’s everything you need to know about the movie’s ending.

Jason Momoa and his evil plan

Jason Momoa as Dante stands with his arms outstretched in Fast X.
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Fans will want to make sure they saw fast five before watching the new movie, not only because it’s the best of the series, but also because the events of the fifth installment are crucial to understanding Dante and his motivations. Dante’s father was a drug lord murdered in Rio de Janeiro whose vault was stolen by Dom, and the pre-title sequence returns to the iconic heist scene from fast five from his point of view. After almost being crushed to death, Dante comes up with a cunning plan to divide and destroy every member of the Toretto family. He starts by getting an army from Cypher (Charlize Theron); he enters her headquarters and kills her guards while threatening their loved ones. Dante heartlessly comments that while Cypher wanted to control the world, he just wants to see it suffer and burn.

Dante begins by offering Roman, Tej, Khan, and Ramsey a top-secret mission to the Vatican, where he secretly plans to bomb the city. After consulting Little NobodyScott Eastwood), Dom realizes the deception and heads to Rome with Letty to warn them. However, he leaves Mia to take care of Brian, and when their home is attacked, Jacob rescues Dom’s son and takes him on a journey to find Dom’s hideout. While the team manages to prevent civilian casualties within the blast radius, the destruction left in the city is enough to place them on the world’s most wanted list. New head of the program “Nobody” Ames (Alan Ritchson), ordered by Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) daughter Tess (Brie Larson) brings Dom and his family to justice. However, she has sworn allegiance to the House and heads to Rome to help him, as her father has mysteriously “disappeared” in what she suspects is part of Dante’s plot. Unfortunately, she doesn’t arrive in time to save Letty from being kidnapped by government agents.

“Fast X” has many new and familiar faces

Brie Larson in Fast X
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After Dom splits up with the group to find Brian and Jacob to take them to the safe house, Khan, Tej, Roman and Ramsey go unnoticed to find an internet hacker (played by Pete Davidson in a very funny cameo) to recoup their losses as Dante cybernetically stole all of their bank accounts that were set up in the previous films. Although they fail to get their money back, they are able to track down Shaw (Jason Statham). Shaw helps them escape Dante’s forces, but leaves on a mission of his own after his mother is kidnapped.

While in prison, Letty comes face to face with Cypher. While they initially fight, Cypher is eventually able to convince Letty that she has a plan to free both of them so they can get revenge on Dante. They were isolated in a prison in Antarctica, but Cypher staged a submarine escape with the help of Gal GadotGisele Yashar, who appears at the end in a shocking cameo.

‘Fast X’ has a shocking ending

Vin Diesel as Doma Toretto in Rome for Fast X.
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Dom’s mission to rescue Brian is thrown off course when Ames is revealed to have been a secret ally of Dante from the start. He finds himself in the middle of a violent chase where Dante is temporarily able to kidnap Brian from Jacob’s car. While Dom is able to save Brian in time to save him, this only happens after Jacob sacrifices himself by blowing up his car to destroy some of Dante’s forces. Dom and Jakob narrowly escape an injured Dante after a deadly escape in which they nearly drown. Dante is not expected to give up on his quest for the next two films.

However, the biggest surprise Quick X actually takes place in a mid-credits teaser scene that shows Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) returns to the franchise. After being branded as a criminal, Hobbs tracks down his own targets and exposes one of Dante’s surveillance networks. Dante promises that Hobbs is also under threat, and given that he has just been reunited with his Samoan people and daughter in Hobbs and Shaw, Hobbs may have more people to protect. The cameo is shocking as Johnson and Diesel have an infamous feud that has been building up over the years. Johnson reportedly denied Diesel a cameo last year, but this may have been a ploy to keep the disclosure secret.