Editor’s Note: Below are spoilers for the Season 2 finale of The Yellow Jackets.This slow-burn ensemble thriller from the 90s might not appeal to everyone. But yellow jackets undertakes to keep many of his secrets as long as possible, laying them out as carefully as Sean’s slaughter bloodlet (Sophie Nelisse) can. As season 2 ended, there are some answers and even more answers left unanswered. It won’t be long before a third season arrives, with pre-production put on hold due to the ongoing 2023 WGA strike. As fans wait, the fate of one of the few male characters is no longer one of the show’s mysteries. Javi Martinez (Luciano Leroux) disappeared at the end of Season 1, then abruptly returned only to end up having a brutal death scene, and yet, as harrowing as it was, it also failed. The show excels when it comes to shocking deaths, and there are several reasons why this one in particular didn’t hit as hard as the others.



The second season of “Yellow Vests” kills an innocent character

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“It chooses” is the point of no return, of which there are plenty. Taissa (Jasmine Savoy Brown) must be tired of breaking the news to her teammates that they are suffering from hallucinations. The adult Yellowjackets learn about Sean (Melanie Lynskey) growing deceit. And when the episode comes to an end, Nat is younger (Sophie Thatcher) draws the Queen of Hearts and is marked for death. She can’t die thenHow Juliette Lewis will not play a deeply hurting adult version until the season 2 finale. All of the Yellowjackets hunt Nat in a frenzy of succession. Javi tries to save her but then falls through the ice into the water with no way out. Of Misty Girls (Sammy Hanratty) someone who understands that Nat can survive if Javi drowns. Killing this character comes out of nowhere. He quietly kept to himself until his disappearance, and this continued during his reappearance. He didn’t deserve it, but not many of the people who die on this show deserve it. The main reason this feels like plot convenience rather than a tragic ending is how it’s treated in the second season.

Back in the first season, Javi runs away after seeing girls, high on wild mushrooms, attack his older brother. Two months later, Nat tries to help Travis (Kevin Alves) are healed by giving a conclusion through false evidence of Xavi’s demise. This clearly backfires when Xavi suddenly returns. His return was meant to add to the whimsical mystery of just how much control the wilderness actually has, or how much “it chooses”. It’s not, and it’s a confusing plot choice for Javi to remain mute and kept in the background. His character can’t make much of it, so when he dies, cruelty to him feels forced. It doesn’t make the scene any less haunting: watching Xavi’s arms stick out of the icy water while the girls wait long enough for him to vanish lifelessly without his body drowning.

The death of the first season haunts adults

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yellow jackets previously unexpectedly killed a character who felt much more deserved as he threatened adult characters in the 2021 timeline. Adam (Peter Gadiot) begins an affair with Shauna until she believes (and many fans too) that he must be the freshman season blackmailer. There was something odd about Adam’s gentle nature – maybe he was too friendly, which could mean he must be hiding a dark side. This is wrong; instead, Shawna’s paranoia clouds her mind from rational thinking, leading to her stabbing him to death, even though his motives were pure all along. What makes this one of the most shocking moments is how integral Adam’s character is as a side character for most of the first season, as opposed to how Xavi breaks out of the series and then reappears.

There was a time when Adam could have been an older version of Javi and that would have changed the narrative drastically. “Maybe there were some viewers who wanted, for example, Adam to be Xavi, coming back from the desert to torment and torment Shauna,” co-showrunner. Jonathan Lisko said in an interview with EW. “And by the way, we thought about it long before we read this theory on Reddit.” Lisko also continued, “I hope that once they see the fabric and tapestry of Season 2 and then where we’re going to go in Season 3, they realize that this sets the table for a more poignant long-term storytelling.” than just closing the loop when someone comes back to take revenge.”

Who knows what this version of Adam’s motives might have been for Shauna’s return to life? And this “poignant, long-running narrative” no doubt refers to Javi’s death and its aftermath. These lasting effects will certainly continue even if Travis doesn’t take too much to dig into his brother’s heart for a long time, and judging by the first season, Travis and Natalie of the older age saw each other for some time. The enmity between them is not so bad. But the end result of Adam just being Adam is this. yellow jackets it’s all about. He takes a stark look at how destructive (or self-destructive) the main girls and women are.

“Yellow Vests” is about women, not men

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Javi’s return and subsequent silence hasn’t given him any screen time to live up to his fate, mainly because this show isn’t too focused on male characters. In 2021 adult Travis (Andres Soto) is seen in Nat and Lottie’s flashbacks (Simone Kessel). Kevin Tan no way to look (Alex Wyndham) of life, but he has an important secondary role, first in an unfortunate connection with Nat, then in the investigation into Adam’s murder. In the Season 2 finale, this justice-seeking detective is killed right after several sips of hot cocoa laced with phenobarbital. Then Walter (Elijah Wood) goes further by shooting Kevin’s body to frame or blackmail the dastardly Detective Matt Saracusa (John Reynolds), depending on what he decides to comply with. Kevin couldn’t be the one being framed or blackmailed, unlike his partner with his dastardly methods. Walter does this to protect MistyChristine Ricci), and that goes for Jeff (Warren Cole), who also receives more attention in the series due to his strained marriage to Shauna. In the past timeline, Season 2 leaves Travis and leaves Coach Ben (Stephen Krueger) dive into your fantasies.

Focus shifts to Akila (Nia Sondaya) who finds out her poor pet mouse is made of bones, no fur, and Kristen/Kristen (Nuha Jess Isman) who sings her last tune from the show as she dares to play the fatal game of truth with Misty. Krystal/Kristen’s accidental fall and Shauna’s stillbirth are two very different shock deaths, but they work out of fear of each. Misty and her new friend lose their honeymoon leg due to their connection when Misty blurts out her worst secret and there’s no turning back from it. There is no mention of the livelihood of Shauna’s child in 2021, and with severe nutritional shortages, it was only natural for Shauna to lose him – if only Javi’s fate also seemed like a natural progression.

Xavi’s death will provoke even more darkness in the third season

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Upon returning, Xavi opens up to Coach Ben, muttering, “She told me not to come back… my friend.” There is no answer as to who this friend is, except that Ben finds drawings of what appears to be the hideout Javi was hiding in. The “friend” warning was terrible, and Javi learns it the hard way. “It Chooses” offers two small moments for the Martinez brothers: Javi and Travis embrace after they both fail to draw a doomed card from a shuffled deck; Javi looks at Travis, who is being held in place with a knife to his throat as Nat runs away. The howling girls hunt her down and Javi seems to understand the pleading on Travis’ face. Unlike the moose that Nat finds at the beginning of the season and can’t pull himself up, Icicle-Havi’s body can be stiff, but significantly less heavy. The aftermath of the drowning is more successful in advancing the plot than what it was before. The camera pauses painfully on Sean as she forces herself to act like a butcher again, painfully slicing Icicle-Havi with a gentle hand. Here’s another point of no return for Shauna and the others.

Keeping the silent Javi in ​​the background meant that he would not interact with the main girls until the story called for it. Suddenly making him a key character by killing him seems like a hoax, relying on him being the youngest and the memory of his horrific disappearance during the doomsday celebrations in the first season. the girls’ downward spiral goes into the desert, and it’s obvious that this moment should finally bring the show to darker, cannibalistic elements.

yellow jackets it’s a show that, at best, devours the complex, erratic human behavior of characters who are stuck in dangerous, bleak circumstances. Survival after a plane crash. Stay unpunished; get out of hand. At least the show has enough dark humor to play Lowe’s “Poor Sucker” as a requiem for Javi, with soft vocals crooning, “Some poor sucker at the bottom of the lake took the wrong path.”