New callings on the horizon, only one week left until Manifesto Season 4 Part 2 is out on Netflix. A lot happened in the first part, setting up a lot of what to expect from the final round of episodes. Ahead of Part 2’s premiere in June, Netflix released a wrap-up video for Part 1 that touches on some key points that viewers should keep in mind.

Summary starts with Ben (Josh Dallas) is looking for his little daughter Eden, who was kidnapped by Angelina (Holly Taylor) at the end of Season 3. Thanks to a passenger named Egan (Ali Lopez-Sohaili), Ben found out where Angelina was staying. However, Angelina believed that Eden was part of a much larger, more divine plan. It just so happens that Angelina wasn’t entirely wrong, as the summary then touches on how Cal (Ty Doran) the memory center responded to the simulated call. Later, his dragon scar becomes much more important as Cal has to save literally everyone.



The video also touches on Jared (J. Ramirez) role in the 828 registry. He eventually joined the registry staff to help passengers and Mikaela (Melissa Roxburgh) however he could. After all, there was little he or any of the passengers could do. In the second part we will see Ben and Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) keep trying, however. Meanwhile, Captain DaleyFrank Deal) the mystery will return. After numerous disappearances and new appearances, it seems that the audience will finally find out what really happened to him.

Image via Netflix

Finally, the video offers a painful reminder of everything that happened at the end of the first part. First, Cal was on the brink of death due to a recurring cancer. But, ZekeMatt Long), finding his own way to help save the world, uses his powers to absorb the disease and heal Cal. However, it was too much for his body, and Zeke died – moments before Michaela could reach him. While this was happening, Angelina used the Omega Sapphire to create volcanic fissures in the ground, potentially capable of destroying the world.

What Manifesto Season 4 Part 2 About what?

The final 10 episodes will revisit much of what was covered in the overview video. As Ben and Saanvi work on the roster, Michaela and Jared team up again to find out what’s going on with the Callings. Through it all, Michaela will also struggle with grief for Zeke. Meanwhile, Angelina is becoming more dangerous than ever and Cal, who is now involved with her, is the only person who can stop her and Death Date.

Manifesto The second part of the fourth season will premiere on June 2 on Netflix. Watch part 1 right now on the streamer and check out the short video below: