They say that good things come to those who wait. Well, it’s certainly hope that The Real Housewives of New York fans hold on as the show returns for its fourteenth season after a two-year hiatus. Introducing viewers to a brand new cast of girls, the fresh faces have to do the hard work to return the title to the beloved series that it has been all these years before the bottom collapsed during the 13th season. A new teaser is out today. shows the new cast taking a bite out of the Big Apple while delivering a lot of sass along the way.

In today’s trailer, we see a new generation of women go head to head in everything to do with business, family, and finances. As part of the cast Jessel Taank, Sai De Silva, Uba Hassan, Jenna Lyons, Brynn WhitfieldAnd Erin Dana Lychee, the clip reveals the cutthroat nature of not only the city they call home, but also the clique they subscribe to. How Andy Cohen previously teased, petty moves to another level when we see women arguing over cheese – no, that’s not a typo.



For a long time The Real Housewives of New York presented the same familiar faces which included Ramona Singer, Louanne de LessepsAnd Sonya Morgan. Season 13 added Leah McSweeney for her second season and introduced viewers Ebony K. Williams. The series had already faced opposition due to some cast members’ indifference to the COVID-19 pandemic, but when Williams and an unnamed crew member came forward with allegations of racism against Singer, the show was cancelled. As Bravo fans know, every season of the network reality show ends with a reunion, but the cast of Season 13 never met Cohen and the hiatus was announced shortly after.

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Image via Bravo

Bravo has since revealed their launch plans The Real Housewives of New York: Legacy a spin-off that will feature several familiar names. Unfortunately for viewers, it seems that this original idea has been scrapped and instead the women, including Singer, de Lesseps and Morgan, will return for a return shoot. Real Housewives best trip with girls which will only work for a few episodes.

When will season 14 come out The Real Housewives of New York Premiere?

The fourteenth season will launch on Bravo on July 16, with episodes airing the next day on Peacock. After an explosive number of views Vanderpump Rules Finale and presumably his three-part reunion, the girls face stiff competition.

Check out the new teaser below.