One of the best results in the history of Memorial Day weekend is Disney live action. Mermaid grossed $10.3 million from previews on Thursday. That’s significantly more than the $7 million that another recent remake of the Disney action game has earned. Aladdincollected in 2019 Mermaid also grossed about $850,000 from special screenings on Wednesdays, but this figure is included in the $10.3 million grossed on Thursday. This is the seventh highest grossing for P or PG rated films.

With this, Mermaid aims to deliver $120 million over an extended four-day weekend ahead of Aladdin, which opened to $116.8 million. That movie director Guy Ritchieproduced phenomenal results over the summer and ultimately grossed over $350 million domestically and over $1 billion worldwide. Mermaid is also ahead Aladdin in terms of pre-sales, but falls behind other remakes of Disney games such as The beauty and the Beast And The Lion King.



Director Rob Marshall (Chicago, Memories of a Geisha, Mary Poppins is back), Mermaid received mostly positive reviews from critics, with a star Holly Baileythe performance was singled out, and deviations from the original were criticized. It currently holds a “fresh” 67% score on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. own collider Ross Bonime in his review, called it “one of the rare live action remakes that manages to capture that Disney magic”.

Jonah Hauer-King as Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid
Image via Disney

original animation Mermaiddirector John Musker And Ron Clementswas released in 1989. The film grossed $211 million worldwide, down from the excellent $346 million that the animated film did. Aladdin earned in its original run in 1992, and the $763 million that the animated The Lion King filmed in its original run in 1994. Both films increased their respective amounts through subsequent re-releases. What, as they say, Mermaid it has only grown in popularity over the past 30+ years and is now considered a Disney classic.

Disney’s live remakes have been a mixed bag

The Disney remake series has had its ups and downs. For each The jungle book And CinderellaThere is Alice in Wonderland And Pinocchio. And then, there are (pleasant) oddities, two of which are – Pete’s Dragon and recent Peter Pan and Wendy – were sent David Lowry. Four Disney live-action remakes – The Lion King, The beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland have raised over $1 billion worldwide. The jungle book is right on the edge, with a global gross of $966 million. It remains to be seen if Mermaid will be able to live up to these titles, but expectations are high considering the original belongs to the top tier of Disney.

The live-action remake also stars Melissa McCarthy like the villainous Ursula, Jonah Hauer-King, David Diggs, Aquafina, Javier Bardem, Jacob Tremblay, Noma Dumezweni And Art Malik. You can watch our interview with Bailey here and follow Collider for more on weekend box office performance.