From Executive Producer & Showrunner Nick Santora (Jail break), Arnold Schwarzenegger debuts on streaming series as host FUBARwhich is currently streaming on Netflix. Opposite Partner Monica Barbaro (Top Shooter: Maverick), the two play a father-daughter duo who discover they have more than just genetics when they find out they both work for the CIA. In an interview with Collider Steve WeintraubSchwarzenegger is teasing the series by promising that fans will get Arnolds’ “entire inventory” along with the action-adventure comedy.

In the eight-episode series, which also starred Jay Baruchel, Fabiana Udenio, Travis Van WinkleAnd Adam Pally, CIA operative Luke Brunner (Schwarzenegger) can finally retire and focus on his family. Determined to spend time with his daughter Emma (Barbaro) and win back the love of his life, ex-wife Tully (Udenio), Luke is called on one last mission. This last mission requires him to rescue a fellow operative codenamed Panda, but when he learns that Panda is Emma, ​​this father and daughter realize they have a lot to learn about each other.



During their interview, which you can watch in the video below or read in the transcript, Schwarzenegger and Barbaro reveal one of the hardest scenes to capture, and it wasn’t due to intense stunts or action choreography. They talk about improvising together, the many facets of Arnold Schwarzenegger and how Barbaro feels after working with him. Tom Cruise on Top Shooter: Maverick to play along with the Terminator himself.

MONICA BARBARO: I think, judging by his shirt, he’s hoping to interview you.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: Oh, who’s on the shirt? Oh yes, it’s me! This is a beautiful shirt. You are a man!

COLLIDER: The funny thing is that I’ve been wearing this shirt all over the planet and it always gets a reaction from people and I’m like, “I can’t believe I’m talking to you today and I’ll certainly wear this shirt.

SCHWARZENEGGER: When you take it off, can you just put it in a corner or wash it every day?

[Laughs] No, the shirt is often washed. I’m not the type of person who needs to wear it all the time. Arnold, I don’t know who this person is, but if someone has never seen anything you’ve done before, what would you like them to see first and why?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I would advise them to watch FUBAR. The simple reason is that it’s not that I’m trying to promote FUBAR now, or to say it’s coming out, you know, May 25th or something, that’s perfectly appropriate in this case.

BARBARO: Only on Netflix…

SCHWARZENEGGER: What am I trying to say – did you say “Netflix”? Did I forget Netflix? I forgot Netflix, sorry about that. But in any case, I’m talking about the fact that in one performance there is simply the whole combination or, so to speak, the whole list of different playing styles. So there’s action, there’s tense Arnold, there’s funny Arnold, there’s generous Arnold, and there’s more sincere, and all these different angles and dimensions, I think, there. So I think that’s one of the things they can watch.

If it comes to something else, what should they watch? I think if they watched my speech after the January 6 uprising, I think it would give them another idea of ​​the other Arnold. So there are all these different dimensions and I think what Netflix is ​​doing with the documentary they release to show different Arnolds.

Monica, you worked with Tom Cruise, now you’re working with Arnold, have you thought about playing the lottery?

BARBARO: [Laughs] I feel like I’m playing it and winning, I think, with my career right now. Well noted. But no, yes, of course, I will buy a ticket today.

Just something I’m thinking about.

BARBARO: Yes, solidly.

Monica Barbaro as Phoenix in the cockpit

One of the scenes that I liked was the scene with the two of you and the puppets and I just thought how many takes did it take to really do that scene without the laughs so you could actually get a take?

BARBARO: We laughed a lot. The funniest thing about shooting anything is that you do so many different takes and so many angles that I think by 11 o’clock we’re like, “Someone’s still laughing because we did it again , and again, and again? ? But I think it has, I hope, continued.

Yes, I broke a lot. [To Schwarzenegger] I couldn’t believe how high your voice was – or how high you actually think. I sound, it was pretty funny. I worked on his voice and asked him about, you know, I’m like, “Will you say the phrases that I say about you with your voice?” And he’s like, “The impression of Arnold is that it doesn’t really look like me.” It actually turned into a kind of thing and I was watching videos, watching other people’s impersonations, Bill Hader probably has the best one and I’m like, “Oh yeah!” In a sense, it is almost an independent character, if you really, like pound for pound or word for word, listen to the impression, and not to how he actually says. In fact, it doesn’t sound exactly like parodies do. So from that point on, it was something like, “OK, enjoy whatever version you want.”

SCHWARZENEGGER: I have to say that I lost my temper and ruined a lot of takes because I remember at one point the director got very upset.

BARBARO: I made his puppet kiss his muscle and it made him break. It made me feel good [laughs].

SCHWARZENEGGER: Monica was somehow able to do each take a little differently, and so there was always one more trick that surprised and made me laugh. So in the end, the guy said to me, the director said, “Hey Arnold, let’s calm down. Do you need a few minutes? Because I would like to do one take where you are not laughing, because it has to be very serious. And remember, you’re in front of your psychiatrist, your CIA psychiatrist, you know, sort of advice, you sit in front of him, he tells you that this is a good way to get rid of the hostility that you feel towards each other, and blah blah blah. So he says I need a serious scene. And then we did some serious takes.

BARBARO: The nice thing was that at the end of the part that was scripted, they said, “OK, at the end you can just yell at each other.” And I felt like we were both like, “Good!” And we took it and ran with it, and I don’t think slamming the door was scripted. We had fun with him for sure.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Monica Barbaro and Jay Baruchel as Luke, Emma and Carter in FUBAR
Image via Netflix

Do you think future fans of the show would be surprised to learn about the actual creation of the show?

BARBARO: Each episode was filmed in eight days.


BARBARO: Yes, from 8 to 10, there were a few double ones…

SCHWARZENEGGER: How good were your math skills when you went to school?

BARBARO: The series lasts eight days! Is not it?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Anyway, I’ll also say eight days, because we don’t want to fight here in front of you.

BARBARO: Not again, Arnold.

SCHWARZENEGGER: But as soon as you step off the screen, don’t worry, there will just be a little scream…

BARBARO: Fact-checking…

SCHWARZENEGGER: And then she’ll hit me again and stuff like that. It will be a mockery of the elderly.

FUBAR premieres exclusively on Netflix on May 25. Watch the trailer below and visit Collider for more cast interviews.