The city of Townsville won’t be saved anytime soon as it’s live on The CW Cool girls was officially canceled even before it was released. simple title cool babymothballed series joins controversial Bat Girl as another female-led superhero story to be canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery, despite the fact that it is under production. Really so deep in production that cool baby the pilot episode had already been completed, but this proved to be an unexpected hurdle that the show was never able to overcome.

It’s not every day that such a high-profile series is abandoned after a significant amount of money and resources have already been allocated to it. So what exactly happened? Well, things have been a downward spiral since the beginning of the series. Rationale cool babyThe cancellation can mainly be attributed to criticism from cartoon fans, the abandonment of the original pilot episode, the publication of the controversial script for this pilot episode on the Internet, the departure of the main cast, and a whole year of complete silence.



‘Powerpuff Girls’ fans weren’t on board with the live-action adaptation

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls
Image via Cartoon Network

Since the premiere of the first episode in 1998 Cool girls amassed a devoted following. That’s partly because it’s another animated marvel from an industry legend. Genddy Tartakovskywhose incredible resume includes Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, primitive, Star Wars: The Clone Wars 2003 Hotel Translevania movies and more. Cartoon Network’s pioneering series effortlessly combined comic book iconography with anime-style animation, made even better with a unique visual style, a completely unique sense of humor, and a host of extremely memorable and lovable characters.

No wonder Warner Bros. Discovery is interested in restarting the beloved series. Not only is there a resurgence in superhero content these days, but there is also a lot of interest in bringing recognizable cartoons into live action. Disney is well aware of this with its many live-action remakes, and even Dreamworks is jumping on the bandwagon with a planned live-action reimagining. How to Train Your Dragon.

This event causes great grief to animation fans, who believe that the vast majority of original cartoons do not make sense to bring to life. This is not an unfounded opinion, because even with the most expensive special effects, sometimes live action simply cannot reproduce the unique tone and style of animation projects. Not to mention, anime fans have felt the brunt of bad adaptations over the years, including examples like Dragonball Evolution, Death NoteAnd Cowboy Bebop. In other words, lovers Powerpuff Girls girlswhich, as one would expect, were the main target audience for cool babywere skeptical of the CW reboot.

Completed pilot episode of Powerpuff Girls thrown out

Dove Cameron as Bubbles, Chloe Bennet as Blossom and Yana Perro as Buttercup in The Powerpuff Girls.
Image via The CW

Production on cool baby At first everything seemed to be going smoothly. It immediately became clear that the series would be more mature. Cool girls, both literally and figuratively. This can be seen from the much older but still solid trio that played the main characters. They included Shield agents star Chloe Bennett as responsible Blossom, Descendants franchise star Dove Cameron both naive Bubbles and newbies Yana Perro as strong as nails, Buttercup. Also joined the cast Scrubs star Donald Faison as the girl’s surrogate father, Professor Utonium, and also Karate Kid Part 3 star Robin Lively as Townsville Mayor Sarah Bellum’s secretary, who in this version is the girls’ mother figure and Utonium’s ex-girlfriend. The hardest casting was Hello Tomorrow!X Nicholas Podany as Joseph “JoJo” Mondel Jr. – a seemingly human version of the franchise’s iconic big villain, the green monkey Mojo Jojo, but we’ll get more into that later. Finally, a voice acting veteran Tom Kenny He was reportedly going to reprise his role as the show’s narrator.

As soon as the shooting of the pilot began, photos from the shooting began to appear on the network. Based on these photos alone, it seemed like the actors were in good spirits, smiling at the cameras who got an early look at the new series. However, things might not be as they seemed, as just a few months after filming was completed, it was announced that the entire filmed pilot was being scrapped and its script rewritten. It’s a move rarely seen in the industry, but only marginally more common in the superhero genre, such as with the canceled NBC. amazing woman reload and freeform Secret Warriors project. The reason for this cancellation was not made clear, but a later Internet leak shed a little more light on why the pilot was cancelled.

‘Powerpuff Girls’ Pilot Script Leak Sparks Even More Controversy About The Series

Buttercup wearing a crown from The Powerpuff Girls
Image via Cartoon Network

After the announcement that the pilot project cool baby created from scratch, the intended script was posted online just a few days later. As with any leaked script, there was skepticism about the legality of the document. It would seem that the reality of the script was confirmed when Dove Cameron confirmed that the script was leaked about a month later. The script in question can still be found online at archive sites, but the real question is: is the script good?

Well … it certainly has spices, but not much sugar and all that is pleasant. The pilot script is essentially trying to do what The CW did with Archie IP from riverdale, taking these established light-hearted characters and making them a lot darker. Until we speak Velma level of nihilism, the pilot was filled with dark social commentary that seems out of place for Cool girls. To give a brief overview of what these characters do as adults, Blossom suffers from PTSD, Bubbles is an alcoholic, and Buttercup is a cheating sex addict. These are tough questions that the pilot honestly doesn’t address with a lot of cool or thoughtful commentary. Worse still is the mistreatment of Professor Utonium, who has gone from a naive but good-hearted man who just wanted a family to a selfish, irredeemable, fame-obsessed egoist who goes so far as to create tragedy for monetary gain.

Even stranger is the direction of Mojo Jojo’s script. You see, the series almost seems to imply that this is a sequel to an animated cartoon, but it gets thrown out the window when Mojo shows up. Instead, the green primate’s iconic evil genius is split into two human characters, Dr. Joseph “Moho” Mondel and his son, Dr. Joseph “Moho” Mondel, Jr. The latter is the one the series follows first, with the main antagonist seeking revenge. about the Powerpuff Girls for allegedly killing their father, whose violent death caused Blossom’s post-traumatic stress disorder. The script ends with the twist that Mojo Sr. didn’t die but simply turned into a monkey, potentially creating a more accurate portrayal. More… just… why?

Mojo Jojo holding Professor Utonium in The Powerpuff Girls.
Image via Cartoon Network

Sarah Bellum is the only character that seems like an improvement on the original. Instead of being literally a talking body on the show, she’s given so much more as the girls’ mother. She’s really the only remnant of kindness in the show’s mean-spirited portrayal. That being said, it’s admittedly unfair to judge the entire series based on the pilot episode, given that it’s only the first chapter of an eight-to-twenty-part series. The context of what else was planned is certainly important, but a pilot is called a pilot because it sets the direction of the show, so the show can live or die depending on how the first impression goes. According to The CW management and those who read the leaked script, this was not the first impression they were hoping for.

The cancellation of the pilot and said leak of the pilot’s script has already been a critical blow to the proposed series. Unfortunately, the show ran into trouble when the show’s main star, Chloe Bennett, dropped out of the series. According to a Variety report, Bennett’s departure was allegedly due to scheduling conflicts as he could not commit to filming an entirely new conflict. That may very well be the case, but it should have sparked even more controversy surrounding an already divisive upcoming series.

Almost two years of silence sealed the fate of the Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup on the table.
Image via Cartoon Network

A whole year of bad press was followed by a year of something much worse for cool baby – no press. No updates, no filming details, not even the announcement of Chloe Bennett’s replacement. This is the most obvious warning sign for a project heading into development hell and possible cancellation. It really turned out that way cool baby.

Even with a controversial concept, production issues, a seemingly flawed script, casting issues, and a year of silence, it’s really impossible to know if cool baby whether it was a hit or not. Maybe the context of the show would have been fundamentally different, or just better shown on film. Unfortunately, this uncertainty will continue for the foreseeable future, and famous characters will remain in the animated world where they came from.

If you want to see the original Cool girls series to make up for the reboot’s cancellation, the full show is available to stream on Max.