The famous CW superhero series. Flashwill bring things to an exciting conclusion. In the finale of the show, consisting of four parts, Grant GustinBarry Allen faces his greatest enemy, the Reverse Flash (Tom Kavanagh), who returned to Central City to turn the protagonist’s life into a living hell again. As the award-winning series draws to a close, Kavanagh revealed that he always knew he would return to the show one day to fight The Flash and expressed his desire to tell the story of Reverse-Flash in a spin-off.

The actor’s return to the series was an early parting gift for fans who have followed the series since its debut in 2014. But he always knew that the day of his return would come. In an interview with Deadline, the actor was asked to share how he felt when he got the call to appear on the show for the last time. To which he said: “I always knew this would happen. [The show] started with “Flash vs. Backflash” throughout the first season. I think it was one of the best, tense scenarios we’ve come across in The Flash. The first season was very fast-paced and, oddly enough, on TV, simplicity is sometimes better.”



Kavanagh, who worked with the show’s executive producer. Greg Berlanti in several shows expected his character to be similar to the Joker vs. Batman situation where “The Joker needs Batman” to make their rivalry the center of the story. So when Berlanti came up with the idea to introduce different characters in the series, the actor added:

“In order to have a successful first season and be invited back again, the realization quickly was like, ‘Well, we can’t do that again.’ We can’t do Flash vs Reverse-Flash and Reverse Flash was the reason I signed up for the show. And so I said, “Well, thank you. All the best. I only wish you success.” But then Greg had the idea to come up with different [characters]. I created several of them on this run. But there has always been an understanding that the Joker needs Batman. So [the end] will look the same as we came with Reverse-Flash. So I always knew that according to what Greg and I agreed at the beginning, that’s how it would be.”

Grant Gustin in The Flash series finale
Image via The CW

Regarding a possible Reverse-Flash spin-off, the actor also added that he’s more than willing to come back again and wear a “cool and elegant yellow suit” to tell the story of Reverse-Flash. He continued:

“The good thing about playing the main villain is that the departure is never final. Even to this day, if you watch the finale, you are well aware that such an explosion would not kill the Reverse-Flash. So there’s always room for a Reverse-Flash spin-off that I’m more than willing to put on that cool and elegant yellow suit again and tell the story of the Reverse-Flash spin-off.”

Why is Reverse-Flash’s return a great way to end Barry Allen’s story?

While the Flash has had quite a few enemies during the show’s nine seasons, Reverse-Flash remains his worst enemy for one reason only: the antagonist’s ultimate goal is to torment the protagonist forever. This is especially true when he travels through time only to ruin Barry Allen’s life whenever he wants to. And his return in the series finale will also open up a compelling storyline for the protagonist as he battles his nemesis from the first season to end this once and for all.

Flash The series finale aired last night.