Action legend Dolph Lundgren joined Witcher universe on Netflix. During an interview with Swedish publication Aftonbladet, Lundgren revealed that he is currently in South Africa filming a spin-off of the series. Witcherwhich is most likely an upcoming show about the Rats, a group of thieves who will debut in the third season of the main show.

IN Andrzej SapkowskiX original Witcher In the novels, the Rats are a team of young misfits who come together after a raging war on the continent has uprooted their lives. One of the Rats members, Mistle, even has a contentious abusive relationship with Ciri, which will hopefully change for the Netflix adaptation. Third season Witcher will adapt Time for contemptthe third book in a series of novels by Sapkowski that introduces the Rats.



In addition to being featured in Season 3, the gang of criminals will also get their own spin-off prequel series that explores how these young men chose to lead a life of crime. Since the Rats are formed by teenagers and young adults, it’s hard to imagine Lundgren becoming part of the group. However, as the history of the Rats intertwines with the ruthless bounty hunter Leo Bonhart, Lundgren could become the spin-off’s main antagonist. If so, Lundgren should soon move on to the main series, as Bonhart also crossed paths with Ciri on several occasions.

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During his interview, Lundgren did not reveal any details about his role in Witcher Universe. However, Lundgren has a knack for playing tough warriors who steal everyone’s attention. rocky franchise for The Expendables. Thus, Lundgren was ideally suited for the role of Bonhart. Even if it is not, we are glad that Lundgren will come to Witcher a universe that needs reinforcements after the departure of the leading star Henry Cavill shattered fans’ confidence in the Netflix adaptation.

What’s next Witcher Universe on Netflix?

season 3 Witcher marks Cavill’s final appearance as Geralt of Rivia. Starting from season 4, Liam Hemsworth will take on the role, continuing the legacy of the monster hunter. Season 3 of the show will feature Geralt and YenneferAnya Chalotra) as they continue to train Ciri (Freya Allan) in magic and combat. The girl will need these skills as her legendary Elder blood makes her a target for the many factions fighting for control of the continent. In addition, interdimensional hunters will follow Ciri’s trail in season 3 as the Wild Hunt is expected to become a prominent part of the show.

season 3 Witcher will be divided into two parts. Volume 1 will debut on Netflix on June 29, and volume 2 will hit streamers on July 27.