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Be sure to buy things with wool: how to wisely take advantage of the winter sale

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Most brands have started their traditional post-Christmas sales, which will last until the end of winter. But you should approach shopping sensibly and not be fooled by low prices. What you should pay attention to first and what principles to follow, he told stylist Matvey Kaluginwho previously gave advice on what things are best to combine down jackets with.

“If you’re choosing among the surefire sale categories, I’d recommend paying attention to layering tops. Quite often clients have everything in their wardrobes except a basic turtleneck or decent quality t-shirt. says Matvey Kalugin. – Seasonal outerwear + early spring (trench coats, bomber jackets) will also be appropriate. Blazers with structured shoulders and cardigans are a must buy. Jeans, first of all, are models without elastane or with its minimal content. Original things that directly convey your character and mood. This item may be crazy and impractical, but if you’re dreaming about it and it totally suits your style, why not get it at a nice discount? You can buy leather and suede shoes, bags, both basic and accent models. Hats, scarves and gloves containing wool, alpaca, etc. There are still two months of winter ahead and a cool March, so it’s not too late to start getting an accessory group for the winter.”

But, the stylist advises, do a pre-seasonal wardrobe analysis, at least in the form of an express cleaning.

“A crowded closet won’t thank you for 20 pairs of black trousers. Perhaps she needs a warm sweater or a versatile jacket. Quickly create at least 4-5 different images in your head of each item you want to purchase. Definitely things from your wardrobe. This way you will see whether this item will fit your images and work for you, or will again get lost among the endless hangers. Don’t buy something just because it’s very cheap or a bargain. You risk acquiring unnecessary, low-quality items that will make no sense. It is better to buy a value item that causes delight at -30% than three mediocre ones at -70%. And remember: a sale is your finest time to find real treasures and save money. You need just a little patience and strategic thinking,” advised Matvey Kalugin.

Previously, a stylist told how to choose the right outerwear in winter.


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Author: Victoria MIKYTYUK, “FACTS”

Source: Fakty

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