• Doctor Who embraces diversity and celebrates love and acceptance in its stories, reflecting the world we live in.
  • The introduction of Rose Noble as the first transgender character has sparked complaints, but the BBC fully supports the show’s commitment to making the series more diverse.
  • The show is entering a new era with a bigger budget and a deal with Disney+, ushering in new adventures and the potential return of Rose Noble.

After receiving a number of complaints regarding the implementation of Rose Noble (Yasmin Finney) as the first transgender character in history Doctor Who, BBC released a statement to let everyone know that they support the show’s recent efforts to make the show more diverse, according to Deadline. Although the show has always been about how love and acceptance can only make society better, Doctor Who has become noticeably more diverse in recent years, as evidenced by the performers who have taken on the role of the Time Lord since 2017.

A statement released by the BBC said: “As regular viewers Doctor Who We always keep the content of our episodes in mind.” The Doctor is about to enter a new era of its history with a distribution deal with Disney+ allowing the show to have a larger budget and a platform for the world to enjoy the adventures of the Time Lord. Last year’s anniversary specials were just a harbinger of what’s to come. Russell T. Davis new term of office for the showrunner of the project.

Rose Noble was introduced as Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) daughter in “Star Beast”, the first episode released to celebrate the series’ 60th anniversary last year. Like the Fourteenth Doctor (David Tennant) was trying to understand why his face seemed familiar to him, a creature named Meep tried to destroy the Earth. But fate and the TARDIS led the Time Lord straight to Donna and her daughter, more than ten years after the last journey they took together. The episode, titled “Giggles”, made it clear that Rose could potentially return in future stories, as her mother now works at UNIT.

Diversity is the doctor’s path

Complaints about Doctor Whothe modern approach to storytelling has been present ever since Jodie Whittaker was cast as the Doctor, but that didn’t stop the BBC from supporting her throughout her run. How Ncuti Gatwa takes on the role of the Fifteenth Doctor, the series will face even more backlash from people who don’t understand what the character is all about, but Davies and the rest of the team working on the series will continue to do so. Doctor Who a journey about the limitless possibilities that the host universe provides. In a few months, the world’s favorite Time Lord will return to the TARDIS for new adventures with Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson).

Doctor Who will return to Disney+ later this year. Special episodes from last year are available to stream on the platform.


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