• New Indian Netflix series Killer soup is a dark comedy based on a real title and is a complex mixture of greed and betrayal.
  • The series stars renowned actors Konkona Sensharma and Manoj Bajpayee, with Bajpayee playing dual roles.
  • Killer soup The action takes place in an idyllic town in the tropical south of India, which adds charm and intrigue to the story.

An aspiring cook with very little talent finds herself in hot soup when her husband is murdered by his lover. Problem? Both men look the same. Trailer for Netflix’s first major Indian series of the new year Killer soupteases aggressively weird black comedy based “very, very loosely” on a “very, very real title”. The series stars famous people Konkona Sensharma in the role of the femme fatale Swati Shetty and Manoj Bajpayee in the dual roles of her dim-witted lover and lewd murdered husband.

Quickly edited to the tune of an old Bollywood song. Killer soup trailer introduces a complex mixture of greed and betrayal, as Swati and her lover are tailed by a pair of hard-nosed cops and viewed with suspicion by a host of colorful characters. In a funny turn of events, after covering up her husband’s death, Swati’s lover begins to assume his identity. Lies pile on top of each other as loyalties are tested. The eight-part series is set in an idyllic town in the tropical south of India, setting the stage for the perfect… danger in paradise.

An actor who has starred in both independent films and popular blockbusters, Sensharma most recently collaborated with Netflix as a director. She sent Mirrorthe most popular short film in the anthology series. Lust stories 2. Among the most respected Indian male stars of his generation – he has been working since the mid-90s – Bajpayee has previously collaborated with the streamer on Ray is an anthology series inspired by the stories of the legendary Indian director. Satyajit Ray. This short film was his second collaboration with the director. Abhishek Chaubeyman behind Killer soup.

“Killer Soup” brings together a trio of talented artists

Chaubey is best known for directing the star-studded crime-dark comedy film. Udta Punjaband the equally celebrated western Sonchiriya, in which Bajpayee also played a prominent supporting role. Most recently, he has directed short films for Netflix such as Ray And Ankahi Kahania anthologies. Bajpayee expressed his excitement at playing a dual role for the first time in his career. In his own words:

“I trusted Abhishek Chaubey’s direction, Netflix as co-writer and a stellar cast to bring the characters to life and create a surreal drama unlike any other, born out of a random crime. At its core, ‘Killer Soup’ is a crime thriller that blends multiple genres, making it a tasty presentation that everyone can enjoy.”

Killer soup created by Shobei along with Unaiza Merchant, Anant TripathiAnd Harshad Nalawade. Also starring Nasser, Sayagyi Shinde, Lal, Anbutasan, Anula NavlekarAnd Kani KusrutiThe series will be released on Netflix on January 11. You can watch the trailer here and stay tuned to Collider for updates.

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