• Upcoming movie He went this way Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quinto star in a true crime drama about a dark journey.
  • The film’s director, Geoffrey Darling, has sadly passed away, but his vision was brought to life by a dedicated team, making its release a significant moment.
  • In an exclusive sneak peek, Elordi holds Quinto at gunpoint. Watch the scene below.

Never trust a stranger who calls you to his car, even if the man is as handsome as he is. Jacob Elordi. In a Collider exclusive clip, true crime fans can admire a clip from the upcoming film Vertical. He went this way. The title features leading performances by Elordi and Zachary Quinto like two real-life characters on a journey. It’s nothing like your typical road trip buddy comedy.Elordi plays a 19-year-old serial killer named Bobby who is picked up by famous animal trainer Jim (Quinto). Carrying his precious possessions in the back of his station wagon, Jim takes his famous chimpanzee, Spanky, across the country in hopes of finding new job prospects. When he discovers Bobby’s true identity, Jim makes a deal with the killer and hopes to get out alive.

If you like podcasts Crime Junkie And Last podcast on the left taught listeners one thing, it’s that you never Really I know someone. It’s a lesson that Quinto’s Jim could use in our exclusive clip as he eagerly approaches Bobby, who has something to show him in his (supposedly stolen) car. When a young man waves a gunJim tries to convince him that he is better than this and that Jim knows what Bobby really wants out of life, even though the duo had just been traveling together for the day. While we don’t get to see how it all ends, it’s clear that Bobby is torn between his first real friend in a long time and his inner desire to kill.

Who’s behind He Went There?

Known for his work as a cinematographer on films including Crossroads And Young Einstein, He went this way marks a bittersweet moment for Jeffrey Darling’s loved ones, as the project marks helmer’s first and only feature-length directorial production. Unfortunately, the director passed away in 2022, but all principal photography on the film was completed and the film was then in post-production. A dedicated team pulled out all the stops to bring Darling’s vision to the big screen, marking the film’s January release as a landmark event.

Where can I get Jacob Elordi’s fix?

Many people know Elordi from his prominent roles in Sam Levinson’s HBO series pushes boundaries. Euphoriaas well as for his even earlier appearances in the Netflix series Kissing booth trilogy. 2023 was a year of new releases for the young star: his two latest films Priscilla And Saltburn. Now available on request, Priscilla will eventually join a host of other A24 titles on the HBO Max streaming service, while Saltburn streaming now on Prime Video.

Watch our exclusive clip below and catch He went this way in select theaters on January 5 in the US, followed by an on-demand release on January 12.