• Zack Snyder Rebel Moon has ambitious ideas and beautiful graphics, but clunky dialogue weakens its potential.
  • Therefore, the best and most exciting scene is the quiet moment between Jimmy and Sam, which shapes and humanizes the characters, establishes playful themes, and evokes genuine emotion.
  • This scene hints at a better movie Rebel Moon it could be if it capitalizes on its strongest elements.

Rebel Moon – Part One: Child of Fire is the quintessence Zack Snyder: ambitious ideas, fast-paced action, beautiful graphics and stilted dialogue. Even after collaborating with Kurt Johnstad And Shay Hatten on Rebel Moonscript, director rejected “R rating” star WarsThe idea is not impressive. And the potential is there: much has been written about the precious rarity of the original intellectual property, and 70 years later, an obvious sci-fi rehash Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai is holding an appeal. As with some of Snyder’s previous projects, a full writer’s room or increased creative restrictions could have improved the situation. Rebel Moonpressing problems. (In an era where creative limitations usually don’t do any good, at least.) It’s hard to care about. Rebel Mooncharacters, despite an extremely talented cast, when their feelings and motivations are explained with the bluntness of a first draft.

Thus, the best scene in this labyrinthine, action-packed film is unexpected, both because of its silence and its shrewd delivery.: a conversation between a faithful robot and a sensitive young woman. Jimmy’s Three Minute MomentAnthony Hopkins) and Sam (Charlotte Maggie) to share before the driving plot begins, it feels like it’s from another focused and excellent film – it’s a shame, both given its relevance for Rebel Moonthe broader theme and how it represents the film that could have been.

Rebel Moon Netflix Poster

Rebel Moon

When a peaceful settlement on the edge of a distant moon comes under threat from the armies of a tyrannical ruling power, a mysterious stranger living among its inhabitants becomes their best hope for survival.

Date of issue
December 22, 2023

Zack Snyder

Sofia Boutella, Charlie Hunnam, Anthony Hopkins, Cary Elwes, Jena Malone, Djimon Hounsou

Main genre

Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action, Drama


What happens in the best scene in Rebel Moon?

The humanoid robot Jimmy, voiced by Anthony Hopkins, and Sam, a human girl played by Charlotte Maggie, sit on a rock and talk in Rebel Moon.
Image via Netflix

Jimmy and Sam’s scene together is promising from the start. Sir Anthony Hopkins could imbue a kindergartener’s essay with Shakespearean authority. A living legend, a two-time Oscar winner and an artist who is not afraid to try something new (not only Rebel Moon But How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Transformers: The Last Knight, Thor trilogy and Westworld), the idea of ​​Hopkins voicing a robot is simply amazing. Make this robot and his companions a guilt-ridden fallen “quest knight” modeled after the Arthurian legend, and an “elite, deranged killing machine” (in Snyder’s words) to boot, and it’s a recipe for success. Or at least the potential for a miss success. In its current form, Rebel Moon – Part One doesn’t use Jimmy enough. The same criticism can be made regarding Rebel Moonthe entire cast. This problem and the film’s awkward dialogue make the scene between Jimmy and Sam stand out even more..

It all begins when Jimmy, a former mechanical soldier now living under humiliating treatment at the hands of the Imperium, emerges from a calm river. After hauling crates for Mother World’s soldiers, he needs a bath to wash off the dirt and dust. This alone is a humanizing action, giving the silent character and context. As Jimmy sits on a rock by the river, he is joined by Sam, a resident of the close-knit farming community of the Veldt. She politely offers Jimmy a towel. This demonstrates the quality of Sam’s character without anyone needing to directly tell us how kind or wise she is. Jimmy performer Dustin SaythamerAmazed, but open body language suggests surprise. But he greets her just as politely.


This fantastic film influenced the entire work of Zack Snyder

This sword and sorcery film permeates everything from Snyder’s DC work to his latest, Rebel Moon.

Sam is interested in Jimmy, talks to him as a person, and actively listens when he tells her about his past. The following is considered one of Rebel Moonnumerous monologues: Jimmy tells Sam that she reminds him of his former ward, Princess Issa (Stella Grace Fitzgerald). King of the Mother World (Cary Elwes) the young daughter Issa was a mythical prophecy made flesh. She was a walking symbol representing hope for a better future, that the universe could be compassionate rather than divided and stratified. When Issa was born, Jimmy protected her with “everything that lives inside that metal skin.”

Sam looks like the blonde Issa, but this implies the girls’ general decency. Sam even acts maturely beyond his years, which would not be out of place in a royal court. Jimmy ends his story with a lament about how “our compassion, our kindness, our very joy died with that young girl.” Sam offers Jimmy an alternative: “I think it lives in you.” She then places the flower crown she sewed on his head, cups his cheek, and walks away gracefully. Jimmy blushes and touches that cheek in amazement, silently looking into the distance.

Why is the scene with Jimmy and Sam the best part of Rebel Moon?

For now, Rebel MoonExtremely explanatory dialogue makes sense. Instead of a character telling us why they’re evil enough to fight the big bad Mother World only for those revelations to not matter in the slightest (plot not affected, characters not affected), Jimmy’s speech shapes his character and enriches it . themes in the game. He humanizes the grieving and repentant security robot, who lost his optimism due to the simplest actions: washing his face and blushing.. Zack Snyder told Screen Rant that Anthony Hopkins was drawn to the role because of Jimmy’s inherent humanity: “When we talked about it, [Anthony] just seemed really interested in exploring the humanity of the robot. […] He was like, “Oh, this is cool.” Yeah, wow, okay. What it is?’ I think that made him turn back.”

For anyone familiar with even a second of Hopkins’ filmography, it will come as no surprise that he conveys this humanity in all its shades, and then some. In this case, all he needs is his voice. For an “elite crazy killing machine” this is Jimmy’s best weapon. Between Hopkins’ weary layers of intonation and Dustin Seithamer’s motion capture, sitting on this rock is a sentient being with a full emotional life. Not to be outdone, Sam’s actress, Charlotte Maggie, also deserves her flowers (pun and internet quote). Sam’s warm sincerity didn’t appear out of thin air. Rebel Moon it’s not so much a movie as it is a boxing match between phenomenal actors and their tiresome lines. Hopkins, Maggie and always great Djimon Hounsou besides, most of them lose. Sam feels calmly settled. She recognizes the cruelty of the universe and yet chooses to spread kindness.

Thematically, Jimmy and Sam’s shared moment of tenderness sets off a dual redemption arc. This is Cora (Sofia Boutella), who openly rebels after rescuing Sam from the Imperium soldiers, but Jimmy refuses to take their orders during an attempted gang rape. Jimmy’s troops were created for protection. Sam isn’t Issa, but who cares? Jimmy’s inaction, especially for a knight figure, is no small feat. Knights are loyal to death – until their morality demands rebellion. And given that Jimmy was long dead, the reason he “lived” was to witness the abuses of the Imperium, which could reignite the fire within his chains. Snyder hinted at this in an interview with Screen Rant, saying, “Jimmy has to make a choice about how much he will truly protect the villagers.” Rebel Moon – Part Two: Scargiver.

Rebel Moon needed more scenes like Jimmy’s

Image via Empire/Netflix

From a technical standpoint, the river scene highlights Zack Snyder’s cinematic talent. The fact that the scene takes place at dusk emphasizes the natural warmth of the Veldt, which contrasts with later scenes of the cold, gray and machine-heavy Imperium. Jimmy and Sam are surrounded by fresh green grass swaying in the wind. The setting sun illuminates their faces and casts moving reflections on the lake. Snyder also allows the scene to breathe; editor Dodie Dorn balances reaction shots with shots meant to emphasize intimacy, like Sam’s fingers weaving together a flower crown. This is what Rebel Moon need more. Snyder spoke positively about his collaboration with Netflix; the streamer suggested that Snyder release both the PG-13 cut, which they preferred, and a longer, R-rated cut that accurately reflected his vision. No amount of footage can fix it Rebel MoonThese are fundamental shortcomings, but cutting such numbers only exacerbates existing problems.

Snyder promised more of Jimmy in his director’s cut. For now, the shorter runtime of the PG-13 version causes the character to be preloaded just to load it until the last few seconds. Rebel Moon it’s a valiant effort that fails to capitalize on its strongest elements. If it can’t show off all its shades, then why release a shorter film at all? (And while we’re at it, did we mention Anthony Hopkins voices the robot? Forget the longer version: where’s the Jimmy spin-off exclusive?)

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