• Happy Season 5 What are we doing in the shadowsThe comedy series continues to surprise and delight with new twists and funny moments.
  • Guillermo’s desire to become a vampire has been a major plot point throughout the series, but the series plays it safe by allowing it to happen without serious consequences.
  • With Guillermo’s dream of becoming a vampire dashed, season six has the potential to explore new directions for his character and the series.

Season five What are we doing in the shadows was possibly the best in the series. This is a difficult task because the show only gets better with each season. Every year, writers and actors find new ways to outdo themselves without jumping the shark. Every time you think you’ve seen it all, they spring a surprise. You thought it was crazy when Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) died and came back as a baby with a giant head? Think again.

From the beginning, the biggest ongoing and unresolved storyline was the desires of Guillermo de la Cruz (Harvey Guillen). Guillermo as the vampire Nandor (Kayvan Novak) A man I knew dreamed of becoming a vampire. That’s all he really wants. He’s the glue that holds these undead roommates together, but he wants to be noticed so he can be one of them. While there is an argument that Guillermo should remain human rather than change himself, Chekhov’s Gun tells us that since Guillermo talked so often about wanting to become a vampire, it had to happen at some point.

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What are we doing in the shadows

A look into the nightlife of four vampires who have lived together on Staten Island for over a century.

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March 27, 2019

Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Harvey Guillen, Mark Proksch, Kristen Schaal

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Nandor’s reaction to Guillermo turning into a vampire was welcome

Last season finale What are we doing in the shadows ended with a shocking event: Guillermo went to his vampire friend Derek (Chris Sandiford) to rotate it. He’s been begging Nandor for years to keep his promise and reject him, but tired of being rejected, he takes matters into his own hands and asks another vampire to do it. The fifth season begins with Guillermo finishing it off. Derek actually bites Guillermo in the neck in a hilariously bloody scene, but it doesn’t work. Guillermo’s turn is painfully slow. He can’t fly, can’t turn into a bat, can still go outside during the day, and has the most pathetic little wings. He still seems more human than vampire.

Fans wondered what Nandor would do when he learned of Guillermo’s turn. His familiar kept this from him, although all the other vampires in the house found out and warned Guillermo of the fate that awaited him. If Guillermo turned to another vampire other than his master, it would be a great shame for his master. If Nandor ever found out, and eventually he would surely find out, he would kill Guillermo and then himself. In the fifth season there was Laszlo (Matt Berry), examining the strange lack of change in Guillermo, Nadia (Natasia Demetriou) took him to the vampire doctor when he was injured, then saved him, and Colin Robinson showed no interest at all. While this all made for some funny moments, the tension continued to build until Nandor inevitably found out. What would he do? How would he and Guillermo coexist? What kind of life would Guillermo live as a vampire?

Guillermo changes his mind about being a vampire in the season 5 finale of What We Do in the Shadows

What are we doing in the shadowsThe two-part season finale finally made good on that revelation when “The Guide” (Kristen Schaal) kind of spilled the beans, causing Guillermo to confess and then fly away for his life (fear made him a great bat) while an angry Nandor raged about how he was going to kill him. Shit hit the fan and nothing would ever be the same. The show as we knew it turned into something completely different… except that’s not what happened. Instead, we got something similar to Colin Robinson’s plot in season three. It was a huge, series-changing moment when Colin Robinson died and then came back as a baby. Eventually, however, Colin Robinson returned to his usual cheerful, adult self. Nothing changed. Everything is back to normal. Unfortunately, the same thing happened to Guillermo’s vampire life.


Sofia Coppola’s cameo in What We Do in the Shadows is one of the creepiest in the series

The director of “Priscilla” fell into blood at Nadya’s club.

Of course, Nandor had no intention of killing Guillermo. Something must have intervened. What changed Nandor’s mind were a couple of funny scenes where the vampire befriends the actor. Patton Oswalt, only to get angry and push him off the roof to his death. The death of this new friend makes Nandor realize that he does not want to be without his friend Guillermo. Nandor decides that he is no longer angry with Guillermo and welcomes him back into the house as if nothing had happened. Already, What are we doing in the shadows begins to hint at moving backwards rather than forwards. No matter, Guillermo de la Cruz is still a vampire. Nandor can forgive him all he wants, but that doesn’t change the important fact. Guillermo even becomes more of a vampire when he finally drinks human blood. His voice deepens, his fangs protrude, and he moves through the house at dangerous speeds. It was as if Guillermo had been reborn. The next stage of the series was right there, but then What are we doing in the shadows decided to play it safe.

Where can Guillermo and Nandor go next in What We Do in the Shadows?

Everything is fine until the vampires start hunting people. While the others are bathing in blood, Guillermo’s energy quickly changes. He can’t kill. He is simply too sensitive, he looks at a person and sees not food, but a soul with thoughts and feelings. This becomes an obstacle for a person who so longed for death. Now that he has it, he has discovered that it is not all it is cracked up to be. There’s an interesting story to be told there: getting everything you ever wanted, only to hate it, but then being stuck with your choice. What are we doing in the shadows doesn’t do this. Instead, they gave Guillermo a quick exit.

Nandor very easily accepts Guillermo’s desire to become human again. It didn’t even seem to hurt him. None of the vampires are actually vampires. The possibility of conflict is excluded. Nandor then performs the ceremony. In it, Guillermo is told to kill the hooded Derek, who cannot see what is happening. If he drives a stake through the heart of the vampire who turned him, Guillermo will turn back into a human, but just as he couldn’t kill a living person, he won’t be able to kill the undead. Nandor takes the stake from Guillermo and does it himself, stabbing Derek in the chest with it and killing him. Guillermo instantly becomes human again. He had been through a lot just to end up exactly where he was.. There was still a possibility that he would have to deal with his friend’s death, but no, What are we doing in the shadows brings Derek back to life when Laszlo takes him to a necromancer who resurrects him.

In the end, everything returned to normal. Guillermo got out of his predicament, and Nandor quickly came to terms with his betrayal. There were no changes or consequences. What’s left until season 6 What are we doing in the shadows? Guillermo’s biggest plot point has always been his desire to become a vampire. Now that that dream is gone, who is he? What is he dreaming about now? What are its goals? This also has the potential for great storytelling. Perhaps Guillermo is now focusing more on his Van Helsing roots or finding love. Another important Chekhovian gun plot in the series was the will-they-or-won’t-they issue between Guillermo and Nandor. The time has come to go there too. Season 5 What are we doing in the shadowsWhile the game is still fun and fun, it also plays safely and easily. The season finale showed us for the first time that the show was going backwards. Season six is ​​set to be big and bold.

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