• Season 7 Selling sunset revealed tension between Chrishell and Nicole, with Nicole accusing Chrishell of taking responsibility for his past announcements.
  • At the reunion, Chrishell was shown apologizing to Nicole and expressing her desire to move on, but Nicole stated that her apology was cut from the final episode.
  • The cast members took lie detector tests, which revealed that Nicole did not start any fights with Chrishell over screen time, but it remains unclear whether Nicole will make progress with the other cast members in future seasons.

Selling sunset at the reunion, the cast gathers to talk about the events of the season with the help of the host Tan France. Season 7 showed Chrishell Stause maintaining her interaction with Nicole Young minimum. This is because they were at odds in season six. Nicole claimed that Chrishell took responsibility for her listings three years ago. The former soap opera actor was surprised by this and responded to it.

Nicole accused the women of eliminating her from season seven. They traveled to Cabo together on a private jet. However, they were disappointed that Nicole did not acknowledge her role in the situation. Chrishell apologized to Nicole and said he wanted to move on. She apologized again in Cabo when Nicole criticized her for being vague. Agents criticized Nicole for not responding to the apology. She claims fans missed a key reunion moment because it was cut.

Selling sunset

Luxury real estate brokers The Oppenheim Group sell luxury living to wealthy buyers in Los Angeles. The drama escalates when a new agent joins the team.

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Nicole Young apologized to Chrishell Stause on Selling sunset Reunion, but it wasn’t shown

The cast of Selling Sunset Season 7 sits on their couches as they reunite with host Tan France for an interview.
Image via Netflix

According to Nicole, she posted on her Instagram Story about the reunion on November 15th. Us weekly. “Just wanted to get to this point quickly because there’s something about the reunion that wasn’t shown in the final cut,” she wrote. “I do not know why. I don’t understand. I have no explanation, but during the reunion taping I definitely apologized to Chrishell.” She said that point isn’t in the final draft, but it’s “an important piece of this whole puzzle moving forward.”

The reunion featured Nicole and Chrishell talking about their rift. Nicole was upset, Chrisell accused her of “rearranging” her face, which caused the actors to talk about their plastic surgery. Chrishell criticized her for thanking a fan on Instagram who commented in support and wrote: “Get that lesbian chick off the show.Nicole denies that her response was a signature of the comment. She then wondered if calling Chrishell a “lesbian chick” was an insult. It’s important to note that Chrishell does not identify as lesbian, so the comment is inaccurate. “I hate you, I have this. I don’t care if it’s not good. I hate you and I know you hate me,” Chrishell told her.

Nicole denied that she hated her. She also denies mentioning that Chrishell may have taken credit for his work years ago to create the drama that would be on stage. Netflix show. Later, the actors took turns answering questions while hooked up to a lie detector. Nicole was asked if she and Chrishell had a fight over “screen time” and she said no. The test showed that she was telling the truth. – Then what were you doing? she asked.

It’s a shame fans didn’t get to see Nicole apologize. Chrishell made it clear that she was ready to give it up. But it’s unlikely that the ladies will be friends next season. The big question is whether Nicole will make any progress with the other cast members. At the reunion Marie-Lou Nurk was friendly with her and she probably won’t be back next season because her relationship with Jason Oppenheim it’s over.

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