• Ke Hui Quan, known for his role in Goonies, brought a funny easter egg to my character Loki wearing the Data belt from his iconic role.
  • Image by O.B. Kuan in Loki this is a tribute to his previous character as he used props from Goonies on the TVA form.
  • Fans can see the Data belt in Loki season 2, episode 3, adding an extra layer of nostalgia for those familiar with Quan’s previous work.

Although he played Ouroboros, the tech wizard who was behind the Time Warping Authority mechanics in Lokithis wasn’t the first time Ke Hai Quan played a genius inventor. To those of a certain age, Quan will always be Data in the 1985 adventure comedy. Gooniesin which he played Data when he was just 14 years old. GooniesFans fell in love with Quan’s portrayal of OB in the Marvel Studios series, and now he’s revealed a little secret to fans of both projects as part of his costume for the critically acclaimed series.

Although Quan is now nearly forty years older than he was when he played Data, he has carried the character with him as a vital part of both his career and his life ever since. In fact, he brought Data with him to TVA as much as he has now revealed in a funny social media post. Quan said the show’s prop master created for O.B. accessory that he could wear as part of his TVA uniform, and on Instagram the actor challenged fans to try to find the item of clothing.

“LOKI’s props department created a data belt for TVA. In one scene I wore it as a funny Easter egg. Has anyone noticed this? If not, you should go back and watch the whole season again.”

Although he did not specify the episode, upon re-watching the series it becomes apparent that in Loki In Season 2 Episode 3 entitled “1893” O.B. is seen wearing an orange tool belt as he races through the TVA, trying to figure out how to save the Time Loom.

Where can I watch The Goonies?

Goonies revolves around a group of kids from the Goon Docks neighborhood in Astoria, Oregon, who go on a quest to find hidden treasure to save their homes from foreclosure. Over the years, it has become a beloved cult classic, enjoyed by both children and adults who enjoy tales of adventure and treasure hunting. Goonies Now you can watch it on Prime Video and TNT.

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