• new Doctor Who the clip shows how the Doctor met a Dalek. It was released as part of the BBC Children in Need event.
  • The clip gives a comedic insight into how the Daleks got their name from the Fourteenth Doctor.
  • The Doctor is also responsible for the piston given to the Daleks, as he replaced their broken destructive claw with a regular piston from his TARDIS.

new Doctor Who a video entitled “The Fourteenth Doctor Is Here” was filmed in preparation for The series returns on November 25. Published by official BBC Doctor Who Youtube account, a short video shows how the Doctor (in the fourteenth grade) first met Dalek and how fans might have started to fear Lekada instead. The clip was released within BBC Children in Need annual telethon.

The newly released clip, just over five minutes long, gives a fresh comedic look at how the Daleks got their name, all thanks to the Fourteenth Doctor. “It’s a Dalek”, Doctor (David Tennant) says shortly after he crashes his famous blue time-traveling TARDIS into what appears to be the mothership of the Imperial Daleks. Upon arrival, the TARDIS broke off a piece of Davros’ (Julian Bleach) body. Mark III road car (also called Doctor Genesis of the Daleks), whose goal was to ensure that the mutated Kaled race could “become stronger than ever!” Luckily, his sudden appearance is greeted with enthusiasm by Mr. Castillion (played by Mawaan Rizwan), who had previously struggled to come up with a decent name that was an anagram of Kaled. Judging by the clip, if Mr. Castallion had his way, fans would likely recognize the destructive cyborgs known as the Daleks. Lecads, Adlex, Claeds or Edlax. Of course, it turned out that this also depended on Davro’s taste. Unlike Mr. Castatillion, who took credit for the name, Tennant’s Doctor seems more relieved to have simply survived the encounter. “I’m lucky I wasn’t exterminated” (another term that Mr. Castatillion seems to have adopted.

While The Fourteenth Doctor unwittingly named the name of his future enemyhe is also canon now responsible for the piston an appendage given to the Daleks. “We will become the supreme race in the universe!” The Dalek talks about its creation, showing off the numerous weapons Davros created for it. These include the “bonded polycarbide shell”, “ruby beam blaster” and “a multifunctional claw capable of destroying a million tals.After his ill-timed landing cut short the latter, the Doctor had the foresight to replace the destructive appendage with an everyday piston from his TARDIS, which met with the approval of his nemesis. “I like it.”

Doctor Who supports BBC Children in Need telethon

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A short clip was released as part of last night’s event. BBC charity event, Children in Need, which Tennant enjoys taking part in every year. “Every year when I was on Doctor Who, we did something for BBC Children in Need, so it seemed right to do something this year. Children in Need is a national tradition; it’s definitely a BBC tradition and Doctor Who is part of that,” Tennant previously said of his participation in the event. “I’m so glad we can give Children in Need viewers this little extra treat.” The clip, published today on Youtube, was filmed specifically for the event, which was broadcast on November 17th. The annual fundraiser raises funds for a variety of projects aimed at improving children’s lives face disadvantages ranging from disability to poverty.

Doctor Who is a long-running BBC science fiction series that tells 2000 year old time traveling alien known as Doctor. First aired in 1963 with William Hartnell The fourteenth series, featuring the wandering Doctor from the blue telephone box, will air next week, with Tennant reprising his role (this time as the Fourteenth Doctor rather than the Tenth Doctor). Ncuti Gatwa will share the role with him Fifteenth Doctor. The latest season is executive produced by Russell T. Davis and will open with three special episodes dedicated to the series. 60th Anniversary Celebration. Season 15 currently in production.

The series will return 25 November on BBC and will be available to stream on USA on Disney+. Watch the full video clip below:

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