Sometimes excellence runs in the family. Brendan Gleeson was one of the best character actors working in the industry for several decades, and his son Domhnall Gleeson turned out to be just as brilliant.

Gleason’s popularity skyrocketed thanks to his participation in star Wars And Harry Potter franchise, but the Irish star turned out to be more of a “character actor” than a series lead. Although he gained authority thanks to his work on such prestigious shows as Black mirror And Run, Gleason’s film work was equally strong.. Here are the best Domhnall Gleeson films, ranked.

10 “Made in America”

American made Tom Cruise
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American Made based on the incredible true story of Barry Seal (Tom Cruise), a shrugging smuggler who supplied cocaine to the CIA throughout the 1980s. The film features a rare anti-hero turn for Cruise, who usually plays more sympathetic characters.

While it’s impressive that Cruise was able to show a more subtle side of his personality, Gleason’s supporting role as the enigmatic CIA agent Monty Schafer is perhaps the most interesting part of the film.. The best man creates a web of secrecy around himself that makes it difficult for Sil to communicate with him.

9 “Unbroken”

Unbroken (1)
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Unroken movie poster


After a near-fatal plane crash during World War II, Olympian Louis Zamperini spends a harrowing 47 days on a raft with two other crew members before being captured by the Japanese Navy and sent to a prison camp.

Angelina Jolie2014 film Unbroken is another subtle historical drama based on a surprising true story, but with a more heroic performance from Gleeson. The film takes inspiration from the life of Louis Zamperini (Jack O’Connell), an Olympic athlete captured by Japanese forces at the height of World War II.

At the beginning of the film, Zamperini and his fellow soldiers Phil (Gleason) and Mac (Finn Wittrock) are shot down and forced to survive on a raft. Chemistry between O’Connell, Gleason and Wittrock makes these scenes very authentic.

8 “Useless and stupid gesture”

Useless and stupid gesture

Useless and stupid gesture explored the chaotic beginnings of a famous comedy publication National Lampoon from the point of view of its co-founder Douglas Kenny (Will Forte). Although in real life Kenny passed away at the age of 27, the film features an older version of the character (Martin Mull) reflecting on my experience.

Gleeson has a supporting role as Kenny’s most loyal friend and comrade-in-arms, Henry Beard. It’s interesting to see how Kenny and Birds’ conflicting viewpoints on comedy inspired National Lampoon signature humor. Needless to say, although Gleason only plays a minor role, he is great in this film.

7 “Goodbye Christopher Robin”

Christopher Robin movie poster

Christopher Robin

Working-class family man Christopher Robin meets his childhood friend Winnie the Pooh, who helps him rediscover the joys of life.

Simon Curtis Goodbye Christopher Robin gave Gleeson a rare chance to play a leading man; in the 2017 biopic, he plays beloved children’s author A. A. Milne, who became best known for creating Winnie the Pooh. The film finds a clever way of drawing comparisons between Milne’s life and the events in his stories.

Although Milne’s life was fraught with tragedy and he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to his service in World War I, the film shows how his work brought joy to countless readers. Gleason’s performance is nuanced and nuanced.; it shows how Milne persevered and found his inner optimism.

6 ‘About the time’

about time 2013 son and dad0

time movie poster

About the time

At 21, Tim discovers that he can travel through time and change what happens and has happened in his own life. His decision to make his world a better place by getting a girlfriend turns out to be not as simple as you think.

About the time shows Gleason at his sweetest and most romantic. The 2013 sci-fi romantic comedy follows Tim Lake (Gleeson) as he is taught the craft of time travel by his father James (Bill Nighy). Although he is initially surprised by this revelation, Tim uses his father’s secret to improve his relationship with his girlfriend (and future bride) Mary (Rachel McAdams).

Despite the sci-fi elements of the story, Gleason and McAdams’ chemistry seems authentic to a real-life relationship. Ironically, the film ultimately empowers viewers to make the most of the time they have, rather than focusing on getting rid of the past.

5 “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Domhnall Gleeson as General Hux in The Force Awakens
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Star Wars Awakens The Force Poster
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

When a new threat to the galaxy arises, Rey, a desert scavenger, and Finn, a former stormtrooper, must join Han Solo and Chewbacca to find the only hope for restoring the world.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens the task was to introduce star Wars fans of a new generation of villains, and the film takes an interesting approach to what “evil” actually looks like. Gleason’s character, General Hux, is little more than an arrogant and evil agitator with little practical knowledge; Hux is more obsessed with proving his superiority over Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) than actually crushing the Resistance.

The rivalry between Hux and Ren was one of the most unexpectedly fun moments of both. Star Wars: The Last Jedi And Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Climbing.

4 “Survivor”

20th century studios

The Revenant movie poster


A frontiersman on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s fights to survive after being mauled by a bear and left for dead by members of his own hunting party.

2015 revenge thriller. Survivor offers a fairly clear depiction of moral opposites. Hugh Glass is in the filmLeonardo DiCaprio) the desire for revenge is as completely justified as the evil John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) killed his son in cold blood. Gleeson’s character, Captain Andrew Henry, is not entirely good or evil. Although he agrees to initially leave the injured Glass behind, he ends up helping search for Fitzgerald once his crimes are revealed.

Gleeson turns Henry into a likable character. Although he doesn’t want to leave Glass to die, he understands that a sacrifice must be made to protect his people.

3 ‘Brooklyn’

20th century studios

Brooklyn proves that “love triangle” films can work as long as the characters and their relationships feel authentic. The film tells the story of a young Irish girl, Eilis Lacey (Saoirse Ronan) when she moves to New York and falls in love with Italian charmer Tony Fiorello (Emory Cohen). A trip to her home in Ireland leads Eilis to young bachelor Jim Farrell (Gleeson), who becomes romantically interested in her.

Although Eilis is ultimately meant to be with Tony, Gleeson doesn’t make Jim’s romantic advances feel unreasonable. If circumstances had been different, perhaps Jim and Eilis could have been together.

2 ‘Frank’

Frank - 2014
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explicit movie poster


John, a young aspiring musician, finds that he has bitten off more than he can chew when he joins an eccentric pop group led by the enigmatic and enigmatic Frank.

Frank is a very unusual film about the creative inspiration and strange psychology of musicals. Gleeson plays aspiring musician John Burroughs, who becomes obsessed with the band’s enigmatic frontman Frank (Michael Fassbender). Frank wears a papier-mâché head all the time, which Jonah finds both enticing and annoying.

The film takes an interesting look at fan culture; John becomes aggressive as Frank refuses to explain his strange creative process. While the film has comedic moments, it ultimately takes a darker direction as Frank and Jones’ mental health issues are revealed.

1 “Former car”

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Former car

A young programmer is selected to participate in a groundbreaking experiment in synthetic intelligence by assessing the human qualities of a highly advanced humanoid AI.

Gleason is the perfect audience surrogate. Alex Garlandbrilliant sci-fi thriller of 2015. Former car. He plays programmer Caleb Smith, who is asked by his employer Nathan Bateman (Oscar Isaac) act as the human component in the “Turing Test” to evaluate the individuality of his artificial intelligence program Ava (Alicia Vikander).

As Nathan’s methods become more secretive and Ava’s awareness grows, Caleb is forced to choose between the man who hires him and the strange artificial creature with which he becomes increasingly fascinated. Gleason makes Caleb’s moral dilemma compelling.