David F. Sandberg made huge strides in his first few years as a director and his fourth feature film is a recently released Shazam! Fury of the godsbut his first film lights out this is where he is at his best. This debut in the horror genre was a big step for Sandburg after years of making short films, but that wasn’t the case. technically first lights out movie. It will be a short film of the same name that Sandberg directed in 2013. This earlier version is only two minutes and 24 seconds long, but manages to be even more terrifying than its final full-length adaptation. While both films explore the overall concept in interesting ways in their own way, the short film that came out first manages to hold more tension, fear and mystery in less than 3 minutes than the entire 81-minute film.


What is “light out”?

Original lights out The short film is a great short horror film. Follows a womanLotta Losten) when she goes to bed and turns off the lights in her house, someone constantly appears in the shadows. Sandberg and his wife Losten filmed the film on a zero budget at their home, using equipment he had built over the years. Using simple lighting and editing techniques, Sandberg was able to shoot the film without relying on others and showcase his skills as a resourceful and intelligent director. First released as part of the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge, the film will be released on YouTube and Vimeo. Here it went viral and caught the attention of the Sandberg film industry, leading to a 2016 feature-length adaptation.

lights out horror film directed by David F. Sandberg and released in 2016. This movie tells the story of Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) and Martin (Gabriel Bateman), two siblings who are forced to face a supernatural being that is attached to their mother and only appears in the shadows. Now the two of them must unravel the mystery of this invisible presence before anyone gets hurt. lights out it’s basically effective horror. Due to the fact that it was produced James Wan from spell notoriety, there’s a certain type of horror you can expect when going to this movie. It’s a pretty affordable popcorn horror movie. Sure, there’s not a lot of blood and gore here, everything looks about as brilliant as all of James Wan’s productions, and the tension isn’t unbearable, like in the most spectacular horror films. Still, it’s fun and provides a satisfying enough ride for horror fans everywhere.

The “Lights Out” feature loses its mystery

Frame from Lights Out with a man looking at a dark humanoid figure in a warehouse.

The film falters in what happens with many short films that have become full-length situations. In these cases, what was once a simple, clear and dry premise must now be fleshed out over a much longer runtime. When lights out, the movie starts off intriguing because you don’t know what’s going on with this supernatural entity or where it came from. Its opening scene is the best and is an extended remake of the 2013 short film. The film opens with Esther (Lotta Lotsen plays a character eerily similar to her in the short), a factory worker closing a shop, who begins to see the silhouette of a long-haired man in the shadows. She go and get her bossBilly Burke), which is then hunted down and killed by the creature. This is a fantastic horror set! It all goes down the drain pretty quickly, and all the supernatural elements become overly explained. About halfway through, you’re left with almost no puzzles left. It’s a bummer, but the rest of the movie still turns out to be interesting.

The original 2013 short film is a different story. Sandberg’s short film has the distinction of being a lean and mean horror experience. You won’t find long scenes of explanatory dialogue here, viewing documents explaining the villain’s backstory, or anything like that. The villain here is just an eerie supernatural presence, that’s all! This is amazing. The first time you see it is the most effective. He just stands there and hides in the shadows, appearing every time the main character turns off the light. The image is recreated in the 2016 feature film, but the film is so high quality and polished that it loses the eerie flavor that low-budget filmmaking can bring. In the short, the shadows in this hallway scene are shot with a lower quality camera and appear grainier and dirtier. When a horror movie is over-produced, it really cuts down on the creepy factor.

Keep things minimal! It’s scarier!

Lotta Losten as an unnamed woman who looks worried when she turns on a light switch in the Lights Out short film.
Image via David F. Sandberg

The sound in the short is also much more minimal and in turn more effective. In this feature, every sound effect is so overblown and reworked. This is a case of overcompensation for fears that don’t really exist. Not only that, the feature should also give people the ability to speak, so, you know, it could have a story and all that. Understandable, but the short film’s lack of dialogue just leaves room for your mind and speculation about where the supernatural might appear next. It would have been difficult to convince a major studio like Warner Bros. to make a silent feature-length version of the film. lights out In short, but if everything was done correctly, it would probably be better. You will never have room to let your ear perk up at the sound of something in the dark like you are in a bedroom scene in a short film. There, Sandberg just lets the camera linger in the hallway while footsteps and creaks make you flinch.

All because of a small short film he made in 2013, David F. Sandberg became one of the craziest first decades of any current director. In just the past ten years, he has achieved lights out short film, adapted it into a feature film for a major studio, made a film about Annabelle in Annabelle: Creationand then jumped into the world of comic book movies with Shazam! And Shazam!: Wrath of the Gods. It’s a well-deserved turnaround for a director who managed to remain humble after a big success and was outwardly grateful to those who helped him become who he is today. Even though he makes one of the biggest films of the year, we must never forget the original short film that made him famous. 2016 feature is very funny but lights out 2013 rules.