• Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant discuss Chris Bassett’s alleged affair on their podcast, despite evidence that it didn’t happen.
  • Dixon brings up her husband’s past behavior to criticize Bassett, although the situations are unrelated.
  • Candiace Dillard responds with a sarcastic tweet, implying that Dixon and Bryant are focused on unimportant drama rather than solving their own problems.

Robin Dixon ignores what is happening in her own life with Juan Dixon talk about Chris Bassett on her podcast with Gizelle Bryant. Candice and Chris are currently facing cheating rumors in their marriage. The woman stated that she had an affair with Chris. But the fans The Real Housewives of Potomac we have to dig and compared the images the woman showed of Chris from previous seasons to realize that the images the woman allegedly had of herself and Chris did not match Chris’s tattoos. But Dixon and Bryant aren’t sure any of the rumors are true.

On their podcast Quite shadyDixon addressed her husband’s questionable behavior but then turned her attention to Chris. “You know, I know people will probably try to say, ‘Oh, we need more evidence, we need more evidence.’ I saw enough to know that something was done that shouldn’t have happened,” Dixon said in the episode. “Be careful how you react or react to other people’s drama because your ass might get caught up in some shit like that,” she added, seemingly referring to Candace’s flipping out when it was revealed that Dixon hid the cheating scandal in Season 7, while Dixon played a role in perpetuating rumors that Chris had behaved inappropriately with other women.

Bryant then added, “Yes! Hello! And when your friends try to tell you about your husband, you might want to listen.” Bryant accused Chris of making her feel uncomfortable last season when he asked her to talk alone in a hotel room.

Candace criticizes Robyn and Gizelle’s romantic life… or lack thereof

Candiace Dillard and Chris Bassett reunite from 'RHOP'
Image via Bravo

Dillard’s reaction to this episode is simple: tweet posted on her public account, taking aim at the love failures of their colleagues. “Lol. When you have to look for a fire extinguisher to put out a fire in a dumpster, and you rub wet sticks together… trying to force yourself to bring it. God’s people are tired.” This tweet appears to have been edited as a previous and now deleted tweet mentioned Bryant allegedly hiring guys for the show and noted Juan’s constant lewd behavior.

Bryant was accused of bringing different men into the storyline. Every relationship she tried to get into on the show failed. The new season will focus on her budding romance with an actor from another Bravo show.