Wolf PackParamount’s new werewolf drama wolf cub creator Jeff Davis (although the action takes place in a completely new universe), the action begins in a California town devastated by wildfires. As the fire flares up, engulfing more and more land, the animals are forced out of their homes and into the city limits. With said animals comes a vile werewolf with an insatiable love for humans, killing at least one inhabitant per night. Teens Everett (Armani Jackson) and Blake (Bella Shepard) bite and transform into fellow werewolves, converging with longtime and inexperienced werewolves Harlan (Tyler Lawrence Gray) and Luna Briggs (Chloe Rose Robertson) to create the package. As their relationship and werewolf abilities develop, they also have to face a growing threat from the werewolf, who has become something much darker and more deadly than a normal wolf. All this time something bad is going on in the shadows.


In the penultimate episode of the first season, Christine Ramsey finally revealed (Sarah Michelle Gellar) – wolf. After losing her son in a wildfire a few years ago, she killed the firefighters allegedly responsible for his death, which we learned about earlier, since the group included the father of Harlan’s boyfriend. However, her exact motives and role in all of this remain a mystery. Every few seconds, she teeters on the edge between villain and anti-hero. When Blake’s brother DannyNevada Jose) said he recognized Christine from the garage, Blake shrugged and didn’t listen. Plus after the teens conned the BaronChase Lifield) and lock him in a freezer to have his body revert to human form, killing the wolf inside, the episode ends with Austin (Rio Mangini) stabs the unconscious Baron in the chest with a silver-plated dagger. The real story is just beginning as we get closer to this season’s finale, so let’s break it down.

What to do with the Baron in the finale of the first season of “The Wolf Pack”

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After his supposedly mortal wound, the Baron’s connection to the rest of his pack is shown at the start of the finale. He scrolls through the vital memories of the main four, taking their places in said memories. First, Everett was drugged while he was in the hospital, and Kristin and Garrett (Rodrigo Santoro) replaces his parents while they sit around and encourages the doctors to move forward. Baron then fills in for Blake as he sits with Danny in the back seat while her parents, again busy with Christine and Garrett, fight in the car and get into an accident. Baron then fills in for Harlan, eavesdropping on Garrett’s conversation with Prisha (Holly Bahar) about Luna killing her horse and the steps they need to take to be ready just in case Luna and Harlan’s werewolf propensity gets the better of them and they need to be stopped. Finally, the Baron returned as a wolf in an old flashback of Harlan we saw earlier in the season when young Harlan saw a mysterious werewolf in the forest. But was it the memory of the baron or someone else?

Back in the real world, the core four are shocked after what Austin did, although Austin is nowhere to be seen. They return Baron to Everett’s house, placing him in Everett’s bed while they think about how to move on. In their opinion, there are two options: let him die from the silver in his blood, or figure out how to save him. While Luna and Harlan are determined to save their brother, Everett and Blake part ways when it is revealed that the Baron’s death will strip them of their werewolf powers. While Everett is enjoying his new carefree life, Blake wanted everything back to normal all season, leaving Everett on the side of the twins and Blake in the cold. However, they stay together and think about how to move on, keeping Garrett and everyone else in the dark as to where Baron is, even after the bloody freezer scene is discovered. Numerous wolf victims are then discovered, which changes everything in how Kristin and Garrett are going to act. Can they trust each other?

Blake returns to Everett the next day, where the Baron is left unconscious with Danny by her side. But when she tries to bring Danny into Everett’s bedroom, he starts reacting to what he sees and recognizes the Baron. It suddenly starts to make sense as Danny confesses that he knows Baron from the garage and Blake finally listens to Danny talk about his interaction with Kristin that night. He explains that Christine made Danny shake hands with him and nothing else, and this brings back Everett and Blake’s memories as they remember the moments when Christine did something similar to them. They begin to gather the truth, recognizing handshakes as Kristin’s way of marking them as not a threat to the Baron. Thus, they discover a connection between Christine and the Baron, although they do not quite understand what this connection is and how it affects what is happening.

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Meanwhile, Garrett takes Harlan and Luna to the police station as Kristin wants to question them about the wildfire. With CyrusZach Nelson) at the conclusion, Kristin gives Harlan five minutes to talk to her boyfriend, but Harlan hesitates. He thinks Christine was bugging the office in an attempt to get Cyrus to reveal any criminal behavior and crucify himself. Kristin assures him that they are not, but suggests using a white noise machine to drown out their voices. While Luna waits outside, Harlan enters Kristin’s office and immediately turns on the white noise machine, causing Luna to be able to hear everything they say – just like they could hear when the four of them were interrogated earlier in the season. Harlan and Cyrus have a conversation, where Cyrus confesses to starting the fire when he was nine years old, but explains that it was curiosity about his father’s death and he did not start the fire that is raging today. Outside, Luna is eavesdropping while watching Kristen, not knowing if Kristin can hear (since Harlan and Luna left before the others gathered information on her). However, when Kristin interrupts the conversation, she casts a knowing and sly look at Luna, turning off the white noise generator. After the police station, the twins decide to tell their father about the Baron. Garrett arrives at Everett’s, immediately takes action and takes the Baron to the hospital, but the Baron’s fate is left in doubt. How can they extract the silver from the Baron’s bloodstream without revealing who he is?

Upcoming changes for the main four

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The three who advocate remaining werewolves accompany Garrett and the Baron, while Blake stays at Everett’s house to watch over her brother. Soon after, Christine arrives with Child Protective Services and Blake’s father Roberto (James Martinez). Roberto tells Blake that she and her brother will be temporarily taken in by the CPS, but due to her brother’s autism spectrum disorder, they will be separated. Heartbroken with nowhere to turn, Kristin finally has a real conversation with Blake, consciously implying they agree on everything. Kristin suggests that turning Danny into a werewolf will turn Danny into a “normal” child, and that even though Blake knows that she must I feel Christine knows it’s Blake wants for her brother. Whether this will materialize or what exactly will happen to Blake now remains up in the air.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Garrett picks up Baron alone and tells the teens to stay in the car. Everett doesn’t listen and immediately follows him in. Harlan agrees with Everett, but pauses as she exits the truck because Luna is not moving. Despite her earlier belief in the pack and what it means to move forward, Luna has lost that belief – the hope of finding her place among her kind – and decides to stay in the truck. Harlan leaves her there, goes inside and finds Everett. Everett is not allowed to go back to the Baron, but Harlan is because of his father, so the boys split up. On the way to the hospital, Harlan runs into Cody (Rainer Dawn) with a backpack full of drugs. Cody admits that his father works at the hospital and allows him to take his medication, which makes him think. Harlan asks Cody what his last name is, and his answer surprises Harlan greatly. Former firefighter present at the death of Cyrus’ father, Malcolm (Gideon Emery), Cody’s father.

After parting, Everett stays in the waiting room and leans against the wall. But his rest time is cut short when his father David (John L. Adams) arrives with the hospital staff at his side. Following their conversation in the previous episode about Everett not taking medication – which we know is due to the fact that his anxiety hasn’t flared up since his werewolf abilities took over – and Everett’s confrontation with his mother Kendra (Amy Pitz) about her mistreating him, Everett’s parents decided to send him to the hospital for 72 hours. The last we see of Everett is begging his father not to do this as the hospital staff tries to grab him, though Everett surprisingly doesn’t lash out or try to escape. Soon after, Harlan returns to the waiting room to find Everett, who has already left. However, police officer Jason Jung (Lanny June) arrives and arrests Harlan for the murder of Officer Trent Miller (John Patrick Jordan), who was killed by a wolf earlier in the season after he relentlessly pursued Harlan.

The truth about Christine Ramsey

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When the Baron goes missing in the hospital, after we see Malcolm pushing him around in a wheelchair, Christine is left with a clue. This clue points her to the abandoned firehouse where Malcolm used to work, as he wants revenge for what she did in the woods with his comrades nearly two decades ago. He knows the Baron is her son, making him the perfect leverage. When Christine arrives, Malcolm starts shooting silver bullets at her. However, Garrett appears and Christine manages to shoot Malcolm in the leg. As Malcolm and Kristin chase each other, Garrett saves the Baron. Malcolm and Christine go head to head, but he can’t match her werewolf powers. As she is about to kill him, Garrett stops her and tells her that they need him alive. However, Garrett has questions for Christine after what he has seen and heard.

Kristin finally reveals the truth, which is that she is Harlan, Luna, and the Baron’s mother. She is a werewolf. Like others have one special ability, Baron has the ability to turn others into werewolves, which she used to manipulate things. She knew he needed the pack to save the Baron, so she had him convert Everett and Blake. She then demonstrates her abilities and heals the Baron’s wound, restoring him to perfect health. Christine then confesses her plan, which is to turn even more people into wolves and expand the pack, as she previously suggested to Blake regarding Danny. But first, she’s referring to another person: Garrett. He was the perfect father to her children, but would have been the perfect father Harlan always wanted if he were a werewolf. As the Baron prepares to bite him and begin the process, the episode cuts to black.

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