After 16 years of waiting after the release of his fake trailer in Grindhouse, Eli Roth finally puts the turkey in the oven. Dormitory The director, along with Sony Pictures, announced that the horror slasher Thanksgiving Day officially started production. To fire up the cameras, they shared a photo of Director Roth’s chair with an axe, sharpened and ready to carve.

mouth teased Thanksgiving Day has been a reality for many years, and it wasn’t until earlier this year that he finally delivered on that promise when it became known that he would lead the project. The fake trailer pays homage to a (mostly) bygone era of holiday-themed slashers, set in a Massachusetts city where Thanksgiving is taken very seriously. Absurd and bloody, the city has become a proverbial cutting board for an outsider in search of murder. Featuring a number of old-school slashers along with a near-comedy amount of beheadings, the short trailer is one of the lasting memories of Grindhouse with many shocking moments, including a grand finale when the head is separated from the body and now sticks out of the turkey.


Most fictional trailers will become more than just favorite fake movies with Machete And Tramp with a shotgun become real features and Rob ZombieX Werewolves of the SS turned into a song performed by the director as part of his 2010 album. Hellbilly Deluxe II. Thanksgiving Day however, may be the most anticipated and divisive of all. Roth brings his signature style from the controversial and terrible green hell And Dormitory movies with Jeff Rendellhis co-author from the original fake Thanksgiving Day trailer, rejoining him as a writer. This is one of two of his films, including an adaptation of the stellar game. BorderlandsAlthough Tim Miller he was tasked with handling re-shoots while Roth finally got his slasher film ready.

Eli Roth Thanksgiving
Image via Eli Roth on Instagram

Who will join Roth on Thanksgiving Day Holiday?

The all-star cast will sit down with Roth and Rendell on Thanksgiving Day dinner, including Patrick Dempsey who is believed to play the town sheriff. The film will also feature Addison Ray With Jalen Thomas Brooks, Milo Manheim, Nell Verlac, Gina Gershon, Tim Dillon And Dormitory alum Rick Hoffman cast rounding. Gershon visibly jumps from Borderlands where she’s set to play the fan-favorite Crazy Moxxi. Roth and Rendell will also be joining on set Roger Birnbaum who previously collaborated with the director on his ill-fated Bruce Willisled film death wish.

Stay tuned here on Collider as Roth starts cooking. Thanksgiving Day. Check out the announcements below, as well as the cryptic post about the school hallway from John Carver as part of the start of production below.