When it comes to cult classic horror films, it’s hard to find one as beloved as Halloween III: Season of the Witch. Known to many as Halloween a film without Michael Myers, this psychological horror thriller gave us one of the genre’s few “last boys” in Tom Atkins’ Doctor Challis. Now NECA has honored the actor with an action figure worthy of his horror legacy.

The 8-inch tall figure depicts Dr. Challis in his title character from the film. He is wearing khaki pants, a red flannel shirt and a white pullover. However, this stubborn hero can’t go anywhere without a drink, which means the figure comes cheerfully with two beers. The figure also wonderfully captures Atkins’ “Everyman” look with one of the best mustaches in film history. However, that’s not even the best part, as the set includes a drink coaster with the famous Silver Shamrock logo signed by Atkins himself.

Bye Halloween III Initially received poorly, over the past four decades the film has gradually come to be seen for what it really is. It would be a terribly fun and campy exploration of Halloween as a holiday and how corporate America has commercialized/softened it for kids. The film itself is about Dr. Dan Challis, who is not the best husband and father to his children. He uses work as an excuse not to be around, but once a gruesome murder involving a mysterious Halloween mask occurs at his hospital, he can’t help but feel like there’s something more sinister going on here. This leads him to Silver Shamrock and Colonel Cochran, who hopes to return Halloween to its sacrificial roots.

How Tom Atkins is contributing to the legacy of Halloween III

Tom Atkins is on the phone yelling at the networks to pull the plug on Silver Shamrock on all local networks in the final scene of Halloween III.
Image via Universal Pictures

Either John Carpentera brilliant soundtrack or one of the best endings in horror history, Halloween III This is a film that every fan of the genre should watch at least once. However, it also has a lot to do with Atkins’ genre-defining performance. The actor exudes composure and charm in every role he takes on, but Halloween III absorbed everything that made Atkins a generational talent. Although I like his films Fog And Escape from New York perhaps more popular Halloween III Atkins will always be at the top of his game.

Halloween III is currently streaming on Peacock. You can also order signed Dr. Challis figures from NECA’s website for $75.00.