If you enjoyed exploring the Chicago World’s Fair in Loki For Season 2, Funko has a special treat in store for you. The makers have released a new two-pack featuring Loki and Mobius in their 1893 looks. The new figures take on similarities with Tom Hiddleston And Owen Wilson from the third episode when they went to Chicago for Jonathan MajorsVictor Timely. The vinyl bobbleheads are approximately 4.15″ and 4.25″ tall and come with vintage clothing. The figures come in a pack of two, making them ideal for any collector.

Second season Loki turns out to be everything fans wanted: from interesting characters to exploring different timelines and the fate of the universe, the series delivers exciting twists and turns. The latest episode featured the most unexpected cliffhanger, with the time loom finally spinning out of control and washing away the TVA as fans aren’t sure if this is the end of the timeline of yet another He Who Remains stunt. From Miss Minute’s villainous turn to Victor Timely turning into spaghetti, there were plenty of moments that left everyone speechless and eagerly awaiting the next episode.

The Talent Behind Loki Season 2

The series also stars Ke Hai Quan like Ouroboros, aka OB, Sofia Di Martino like Sylvia, Wunmi Mosaku like Hunter B-15, Eugene Cordero like Casey Rafael Casal as Hunter X-5 / Brad Wolfe Kate Dickey like General Dox, Liz Carr as Judge Gamble Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Ravonna Rensler and Tara Strong like Miss Minutes among others. While it’s interesting to see the returning actors add more layers to their characters, it’s the new additions like Quan and Dickie (RIP General Dox) that steal the spotlight at just the right moments.

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Eric Martin serves as head writer with Justin Benson And Aaron Moorhead lead the directorial team for season two and their talent is on full display as each episode is well crafted and leaves viewers wanting more. Moreover, Dan DeLeeuw And Kasra Farahani act as additional directors. Overall, the Loki team has managed to deliver some much-needed twists that add to the Multiversal saga.

Loki Season 2 releases a new episode every Thursday on Disney+. You can pre-order the new Pops here and check them out below:


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Loki, the god of mischief, emerges from his brother’s shadow to embark on an adventure set after the events of Avengers: Endgame.