• South Parknew streaming special, Joining the Panderverseexplores trending topics like artificial intelligence and the multiverse, and takes aim at the House of Mouse in the hilarious clip.
  • Cartman has a nightmare where he and his friends are replaced by a diverse group of women fighting against the patriarchy, with fun and familiar interactions.
  • Particular allusions to the end of life as the characters know it. South Parkas they race against time to find a solution while battling the influence of AI on their lives.

Viewers can go to South Park today at its new streaming event. Joining the Panderverse on Paramount+ and to celebrate the release, the streamer has unveiled a first-look video that gives a little taste of what to expect. This latest special touches on more current topics like artificial intelligence and the multiverse, but this clip in particular takes aim at the House of Mouse. Cartman has a bad dream that he and his friends have been replaced by a diverse group of women who want to stop the patriarchy at any cost.

The video begins with Cartman, now a black woman, sitting at his usual place at the kitchen table. She gets into an argument with her mom because she wants to stay home and play. Baldur’s Gate 3 this will get him nowhere, he acts just like the spoiled little boy everyone knows and loves. Forced to wait for the bus, she stands at a regular stop with Stan, Kyle and Kenny, who are now different women themselves, enjoying their typical conversations, except for two things – Kenny is no longer muted, and they have to make a joke about white people establishing the patriarchy. Before the nightmare goes any further, Cartman wakes up screaming and is now back to normal. He even asks his mom to check under his bed and in his closet for any Disney executives who want to replace him. However, his worst monster is the president of Lucasfilm. Kathleen Kennedy.

Unfortunately for Cartman, his worst fears may come true. IN South Park: Joining the Panderverse, the end of life in the small sleepy mountain town to which he is accustomed is predicted by his various dreams. If the previously released teaser is any indication, almost all of the kids, from Cartman to Butters, will be replaced, leaving them in a race against time to find a solution. Meanwhile, the adults of South Park are fed up with AI infecting their lives and must grapple with numerous decisions that have turned everything upside down.

“Joining the Panderverse” is not the last South Park special.

Kenny as a Woman in South Park: Joining the Panderverse
Image via Paramount+

Joining the Panderverse this is the fifth streaming event/movie/special from the creators of the series. Trey Parker And Matt Stonefollowing their two-part Streaming Wars And Post Covid Special offers. However, even after completing 25 years on air, there is still a lot more to come from the generously paid creatives. Their monster $900 million deal with ViacomCBS back in 2021 secured 14 movies made for streaming, as well as six more seasons of shows on Comedy Central. Of course South Park isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, except to the top of the Paramount+ mountain, as the streamer will become the show’s exclusive streaming home starting in 2025.

South Park: Joining the Panderverse is now streaming exclusively on Paramount+ in the US and Canada. Viewers in the UK and Australia will be able to see the special tomorrow, October 28, with other international markets to follow at a later date. Read our complete guide to the latest South Park specifically for more information. Watch the clip below.