Scarlet Witch is destined to rule the world or destroy it, but Elizabeth Olsen has much friendlier plans for the character. During a recent interview with ScreenRant, the actress spoke about how she would like to see Wanda’s future when she returns to Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character could be considered dead after the events of the previous year. Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madnessbut it is known that death is not a problem set in stone when it comes to Kevin FeigeMassive franchise. Here’s what Olsen said when asked about the future of Scarlet Witch:

“Now we can do whatever we want with her! I feel like we’ve done so much. I’m curious to see what we can explore. And hopefully [we can] give her some redemption.”

If Olsen talks about redemption when talking about her character, it must be because she was the main antagonist during Doctor Strange’s latest adventure. Losing children during the events WandaVisionScarlet Witch refuses to live in a universe where she cannot be a mother. When she finds out that America ChavezXochitl Gomez) has the ability to travel across the multiverse, she plans to get rid of the girl and steal her powers. Chavez has no choice but to seek help from the only person she knows in the alien universe, Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).


With the Marvel Cinematic Universe constantly expanding with multiple theatrical films and TV shows, it can be hard to pinpoint where Scarlet Witch might be returning. However, the safest bet might be an upcoming Disney+ show. Agatha: Chaos Coven. WITH Katherine Hahn reprising her role as a sassy witch who lived in Westview, it’s impossible to tell how much chaos will unfold. Add to this the fact that some WandaVision actors are returning for a spin-off, Olsen’s return to the franchise could be the perfect addition to the series. Project Agatha does not currently have a release date, but since the show is already in production, fans will soon learn more about the magical side of this universe.

Wanda, Vision and their twins prepare for battle in WandaVision.
Image via Disney+

What’s next for Elizabeth Olsen?

Before I’m sorry for your loss the actress is even considering returning as the Scarlet Witch, she will be seen in HBO Maxlimited Edition, love death. The series, based on real events, will tell about Candy Montgomery (Olsen) and an affair with Allan Gore (Jesse Plemons) encouraged a woman to commit a violent crime. After the wife of Horus (Lily Rabe) tells Montgomery about what she did with her husband, Candy kills Betty with an axe. The TV adaptation will explore how the story came about, with the couple meeting at a Methodist church meeting, all the way to the controversial lawsuit that sealed Candy’s fate. The first three episodes will debut on the platform on April 27.

While you wait for Olsen to reprise his role as Wanda Maximoff, you can check out the trailer love death below: