Doctor Whotwelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldiwill presumably play another time lord role in the upcoming Prime Video drama thriller. Devil’s Hour, where the actor’s murder-obsessed character Gideon claims to be a time traveler and fortune teller. The premiere is scheduled for October 28. The upcoming series is based on the concept of the so-called “Devil’s Hour”, or when someone wakes up at the hour between 03:00 and 04:00 and experiences inexplicably strange phenomena.

Capaldi plays a reclusive man who becomes a prime target for a police manhunt because of his obsession with murder. In the trailer, prisoner Gideon explains to a terrified Lucy Chambers (Jessica Rain) how dreams and memories are connected to each other and how she sometimes feels that her “life is not hers”. Lucy wakes up every night at exactly 3:33 a.m. and struggles to make sense of her bizarre visions and recent strange events, including her mother’s failing health, her son’s emotional unavailability, and the signs of the horrific murders she desperately searches for. explanation. Gideon, who has a “distorted relationship with time”, helps Lucy find the answers she’s so desperately looking for… but is he “playing the game” or are they “playing against him”?


Capaldi previously explained via RadioTimes that the nature of the upcoming show is quite dark, which could be quite interesting. “Everything starts with the scripts, and Tom’s scripts were wonderful and inventive, and there was such a brilliant idea behind it. One aspect of that is that you have to listen to your nightmares because they can communicate with you in some way,” the actor shared, teasing his character’s pivotal role in Lucy’s life, saying, “Jess plays a character, on which Gideon targeted. He’s coming for her, he’s coming for her baby, he can’t be stopped. But the reason he does it is not what you think…or maybe it is.”

In addition to Capaldi and Reine, the ensemble includes Nikesh Patel (Four weddings and one funeral) as well as Alex Ferns (Andor) as two police officers investigating a murder. Other actors also include Ted LassoX Phil Dunster, Cecilia Blair, Thomas Dominik, Rhiannon Harper-Rafferty, Benjamin Chivers, Talia Walkeras well as Isaac Money, among others. Six part British drama thriller Tom Moran (Forgotten Phoenix), is an executive producer Stephen Moffat (Sherlock).

Devil’s Hour will be available on Prime Video on October 28, just in time for Halloween. Check out the terrifyingly cryptic trailer below.