Cinematographers Joe as well as Anthony Russo would love to adapt the storyline of a classic Marvel Comics crossover Secret Wars if they ever work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again. talking to Term during the red carpet premiere of their latest film, gray manthe Russo brothers also stressed that it would take a monumental effort to put together a decent adaptation Secret Wars.

The Russo Brothers have joined the MCU to direct Captain America: The Winter Soldierprobably the best movie ever Captain America trilogy. Due to the excellent reception of the film by both critics and fans, the Russo brothers returned to direct. Captain America: Civil War. The duo then took over the entire MCU to bring the Infinity Saga to a close with an epic two-part story. Avengers: Infinity War as well as Avenger: Endgame. The Russo brothers are arguably the most influential directors in the entire MCU, and we’re all excited about the idea of ​​them returning for another massive crossover. And, apparently, the Russo brothers also considered this idea. When asked what Marvel storyline they would like to pursue next, Joe Russo replied:


“We say the same thing: our love for Marvel is based on the books we read as kids and the books we fell in love with. The only show we loved as kids was Secret Wars. It’s incredibly ambitious – it would be more than ‘Infinity War’ as well as ‘The final’ is a massive job, and those two films were really, really hard to make. So, trying to imagine making two more films even bigger than these two, we’re going to have to sleep.”

They make it sound like wishful thinking, but they already have a two-movie plan for the adaptation. Written Jim Shooter with art Mike Zeck as well as Bob Layton, Secret Wars 12 issues were released between 1984 and 1985. The storyline is the first crossover event in Marvel Comics history, and the return of the Russo Brothers to the franchise to adapt it will give fans something huge to look forward to in the coming years.

AT Secret Wars, some of the most famous heroes and villains from Marvel comics are kidnapped by the villain known as the Beyonder and forced to fight each other on the planet Battleworld. The storyline helped introduce many iconic elements to the comics, including Spider-Man’s black suit. With Phase 4 of the MCU opening the doors of the Multiverse, it would be easy to use many different versions of heroes and villains in an intergalactic competition. And now we have to watch it in theaters!

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