After years of backtracking and development hell, Francis Ford Coppola metropolis finally going to start production soon. As the film is already in pre-production, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, filming will take place in Fayetteville, Georgia at Trilith Studios in November and will continue until March 2023.

The cast of the film will include Adam Driverknown for his role as Kylo Ren in the latest star Wars trilogy with an Oscar-winning actor Forest Whitaker, Nathalie Emmanuel (Game of Thrones), Jon Voight who previously collaborated with Coppola in rain makeras well as Laurence Fishburne who also collaborated with the famous director in Apocalypse Now.


Widely regarded as one of the greatest directors of all time, the Oscar-winning director Coppola is responsible for bringing to life some of the most famous films ever made, such as Godfather as well as Apocalypse Now. Development metropolis dates back to the 1980s. The plot of the film centers on an architect’s attempt to reconstruct New York after the city collapsed into a larger disaster. After several years of development together with well-known actors, metropolis could potentially be a great end to Coppola’s storied career.

Along with the film’s current cast, it was previously reported that Oscar Isaac, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Lange, Michelle Pfeifferas well as Zendaya were in talks about filming metropolis. However, it is currently unknown if they are tied to the project. It was also reported that the deceased James Caan was in talks to star in the film before his tragic death. Several factors delayed the film’s release until 2001 with promising signs for the film as Coppola began filming over 30 hours of filming for the second block. However, the film was further delayed when the September 11 attacks occurred, causing the project to be scrapped.

Even though more than 20 years have passed, Coppola remains committed to metropolis and finally preparing the long-awaited film for the big screen. Along with writing and directing, Coppola will also self-finance the film, so he can finally bring his passion project to life. It remains to be seen whether the 40-year wait will be justified, but with Coppola at the helm, Megapolis could be a great end to the legendary career of one of the greatest directors of all time.

As the project is still in pre-production, a release date for the film has yet to be set. Check out our driver interview at House of Gucci below: