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Energy voucher. DGP on possible support thresholds

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Frozen electricity tariffs will only be in effect until the end of June. The government announces that the average household’s bills will increase by around 30-40 zlotys, and the poorest people will receive energy vouchers, which are intended to soften the impact of the increase.

From April 1, zero VAT on food products ceased to apply. Safety shields on gas, electricity and district heating prices will also soon disappear. Currently, the price of electricity is frozen at 412 PLN/MWh, and the tariff for 2024, approved by the President of the Energy Regulatory Authority, is 739 PLN/MWh. We will pay more, the only question is whether everyone will. The leadership of the Ministry of Climate from the very beginning assured that the poorest would be protected, but a decision has not yet been made on what the criteria for providing assistance will be. Support will be provided to older people, especially those who live alone.

Energy voucher. What do we know about him?

Pravna Diary has unofficially learned that six thresholds will be taken into account when issuing energy vouchers for the poorest segments of the population: from households consisting of one person to households with six or more people. Ministerial officials assure that even people who do not have insurance should not be afraid of an increase in electricity prices by several tens of percent. “According to our interlocutors, the price increase for people who will not be insured by new insurance should not exceed 30-50 zlotys per month,” the DGP says. This is due to the introduction of new tariffs.

– We want to reduce tariffs. There are places, energy prices on the market today are much lower. “There is no reason why we should receive exclusive profits from energy companies,” Minister Paulina Hennig-Kloska said of the energy voucher.

It is known that the decision to abandon the price shield for electricity will not bring its supporters to power. Politicians are aware of this and argue that linking the increase to a change in tariffs will soften the effect of the change and will lead to the fact that we will not pay such an amount from the budget in prices.

– We want to solve the cause, not fight the consequences. We expect that bills could change by 30 zlotys per month,” said Hennig-Kloska. She also added that people affected by so-called energy poverty will receive support “so that no one in Poland has to choose between the warmth of their home and hot soup.”

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