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13 pension. In certain situations, ZUS may require the return of benefits.

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ZUS will pay the 13th pension during April. They are due to all pensioners in the same amount, which distinguishes them from fourteenth pensions, the amount of which is tied to the basic benefit. However, in certain situations, the payment of thirteenths may be suspended.

The Social Insurance Institute began paying the thirteenth pension. Before Easter, the first money went to 913 thousand. people, and the next payment date is April 5. Subsequent payments are scheduled for: 6th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th of each month.

Who is entitled to 13th and 14th pension?

Thirteen are entitled to a minimum pension. This year it is 1780.96 PLN gross, which gives 1620.65 PLN net. You do not need to submit any application in this regard, ZUS will pay for it automatically. The size of the basic benefit that a pensioner receives does not matter – everyone will receive the same amount. It is worth noting here that the right to the thirteenth pension is not available to persons whose right to receive will be suspended from March 31, 2024, as well as retired judges and prosecutors.

The situation is different with the 14th pension. It is 2,650 PLN gross, but only pensioners whose monthly benefit does not exceed 2,900 PLN gross will receive the full amount. Benefits paid to other elderly people will be reduced by 1 zloty for each 1 zloty threshold exceeded – this is called the PLN for PLN principle. For example, a person receiving a benefit of 3,000 zlotys. PLN gross (2670 PLN net) will receive 2014 PLN for the fourteenth year, and 3300 PLN gross – only 1777 PLN net for the fourteenth year. Pensioners receiving benefits in excess of PLN 5,000. PLN gross, they will actually not feel the fourteenth fine – with the above amount they will receive an additional 434 PLN net, and with 5350 PLN gross only 158 PLN net will be credited to their account.

The fourteenth pension is not provided to persons whose right to receive the basic benefit has been suspended.

When will the payment of the 13th pension be suspended?

Attention pensioners paying extra towards their pension! Exceeding the income limit may result in the need to return the thirteenth income received. The amounts you can earn change quarterly. If, at the end of the reporting year, it turns out that as of March 31, 2024, the payment of benefits was subject to suspension due to exceeding the upper income limit, the 13th pension will be returned as an improperly received benefit.

From 1 March 2024, the income threshold from which pension payments are reduced is PLN 5,278.30. Payment of benefits is suspended after exceeding the threshold of PLN 9,802.50.

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