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Tusk promised to change the size of insurance premiums. The ministry assures that they are working on them

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The leaders of the “Third Way” put forward an ultimatum – either changes in the composition or the future of the coalition will be in question. – We will keep our promises. I say clearly: we will change the rules for collecting health insurance premiums. This is an absolute statement. This is not subject to any discussion. Only the “Third Way” will make this happen – these were the words Vladislav Kosinyak-Kamysh, Deputy Prime Minister and PSL leader, addressed to entrepreneurs at the Saturday congress of local authorities.

During the election campaign, Civic Platform, Trzecia Droga and Poland 2050 agreed that the rules for determining health insurance contributions paid by entrepreneurs should be changed. “We will return to a unified system for paying health insurance premiums. We will put an end to the absurdity of insurance premiums on the sale of fixed assets,” Donald Tusk said a few months ago. Time passes, but we have not seen a legislative proposal on this topic – although the Ministry of Health claims that it is doing some work to change the size of the bonus.

Health insurance premium – “to be or not to be the Third Way in the coalition”

On Saturday, March 2, a congress of the “Third Way” program was held in Otrębusy (Mazovia Voivodeship) with the participation of PSL President, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Ministry of National Defense Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and the leader of “Poland 2050” Speaker of the Sejm Szymon Chołownia.

It was devoted primarily to issues of local self-government. “This will show what we want to offer to local communities. How to support them so that there are more competencies, more resources, greater independence from the central government,” said the head of the PSL-TD club, Krzysztof Paszyk, before the start of the meeting.

Issues of national importance were also discussed in Otrenbusy. Kosinyak-Kamysh and Golovnya recalled that they went to the elections with a promise to reduce contributions for entrepreneurs.

— I am addressing entrepreneurs. I know that many of you trust us. We will keep our promises. I say clearly: we will change the rules for collecting health insurance premiums. This is an absolute statement. This is not subject to any discussion. Only the “Third Way” will allow this to happen,” said Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the PSL Vladislav Kosinyak-Kamysh.

Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia stated that “the issue of health insurance contributions depends on us, whether to be in the coalition or not.” “We feel very strongly and very clearly about this issue.” Have no doubt that we will do everything to make these changes happen as quickly as possible together with our coalition partners,” added Szymon Chołownia, leader of Poland 2050.

Health insurance contributions: the ministry analyzes the possibilities

A few days ago, Deputy Minister of Health Wojciech Koneciech assured that the ministry has not forgotten the promise made during the campaign and is analyzing various possibilities for change.

The first option is to simplify the method of determining the contribution amount, which consists in introducing a fixed monthly contribution and changing the annual calculation so that the basis for calculating the annual contribution corresponds to the tax parameters chosen by the entrepreneur. .

The second option is called mixed and involves determining the basis for calculating the health insurance premium in the form of income and income.

– The entrepreneur will decide whether he or she wants to pay a lump sum in progressive bands, where the tax income received will determine whether the band is included in the band. The second option is to rely on the so-called Net Tax Revenues,” explained the Deputy Minister.

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