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More than 200 people see themselves in Obaytek’s chair. Application deadline has expired

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260 people see themselves as members of the Orlen board. The application deadline was Friday. The supervisory board will now review the applications.

Orlen assembles the board. On February 14, the deadline for nominating candidates for the positions of president and members of the board of directors overseeing various areas of activity of the diversified concern expired. 260 people expressed interest.

“Orlen” announced a competition for the selection of board members

Orlen’s supervisory board wants to appoint a president, a vice president for finance and a vice president for strategy and sustainability, as well as six board members for mining, energy and energy transformation, retail sales, corporate affairs, wholesale and logistics and production.

What’s next? Now applications will be analyzed by the nomination and remuneration committee operating under the supervisory board. On March 7, having considered the applications from a formal and substantive perspective, the council will prepare a list of candidates for individual positions on the board.

Candidates who successfully complete this stage will be invited to meetings with Supervisory Board teams on March 11-16, 2024. In the week following 18 March 2024, the Supervisory Board will elect members of the Management Board – the company lists further steps in the announcement. .

On February 5, Daniel Obajtek was dismissed from the board of Orlen.

On February 5, the supervisory board dismissed the current chairman of the board, Daniel Obajtek. Earlier in an interview, he stated several times that he would leave if PiS lost the parliamentary elections. “I’ll leave on my own, you won’t even have to thank me.” “I have honor and dignity,” he said in the spring of 2023 on RMF FM. He did not fulfill his promise and did not leave on his own initiative.

However, Obaytek does not allow himself to be forgotten. A few days ago it turned out that the CBA had been listening in and recording his telephone conversations as part of an action called “Vampirina” related to literature.

Transcripts of Obaytek’s conversations with Adam Burak released

On the last day of February, material from investigative journalist Jacek Harlukovich appeared. “I would like to invite you to the story of how Daniel Obajtek, with varying degrees of success, purchased anti-Covid drugs from an arms dealer and sent them to the Pope, and the CBA recorded everything,” writes the editor, previously associated with Gazeta Wyborcza, who announced his material on platform X. The surveillance used included, among other things: Israeli software Pegasus, the use of which was confirmed by the portal’s source – “an informant involved in the case.”

From the materials (85 pages to be exact) we learn that the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau during the reign of Law and Justice (which today is politically in opposition to the Civic Coalition in power) was supposed to “wiretap and record telephone conversations.” President Orlen,” the portal reports. Two topics were supposed to appear in the transcripts: about the empty LOT plane from China, leased by Orlen, and about the protective equipment that the head of the Catholic Church was supposed to receive during the coronavirus pandemic.

We will write more about these discoveries in the article below.

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