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Last moment for retirees. ZUS is waiting for information

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Pensioners have only two days left to notify ZUS about their last year’s earnings. Anyone can benefit from extra income, but in some cases some may have to consider a reduction or even a suspension of benefits.

By the end of February, people receiving early pensions or disability benefits who topped up their benefits last year must report to the Social Insurance Office (ZUS) the additional income they received in 2023. This includes: about last year’s remuneration under an employment contract, agency agreement or income from business activities.

ZUS is waiting for data. Pensioners cannot exceed the limit

Income information is required so that ZUS can determine whether the benefit has been paid in the correct amount.

As a reminder, previously retired and retired employees are subject to earnings restrictions. Exceeding them will lead to a reduction or even suspension of pension payments (to reduce the benefit, the elderly person must currently earn more than PLN 5,036.50 gross, and the payment will be suspended if the amount exceeds PLN 9,353.50 gross). These limits will be increased in early March, more on that a little later.

People who have reached retirement age (60 for women, 65 for men) can work part-time without restrictions and do not have to report their earnings to ZUS unless they reach this age in 2023. They must then pay back what they earned in the months leading up to retirement age.

– Income is calculated on the basis of a certificate from the pensioner’s place of work. In turn, people running a business file their own declaration. Their income is the declared basis for calculating social security contributions. It is important to note that income from work abroad or membership in the supervisory board is also subject to regulation. – ZUS reports.

ZUS advises to provide a certificate of the amount of earnings achieved in individual months. Based on these documents, revenue will be compared to 2023 revenue caps or individual month revenue amounts. Even if the limit was exceeded in some months and not reached in others, calculating on an annual basis may not lead to any financial consequences.

Limits will increase

As already mentioned, at the beginning of March the limits for people earning additional income in retirement will increase. To ensure that the pension is not reduced, earnings cannot exceed PLN 5,278.30 gross. Benefit payments will be suspended once the total amount exceeds PLN 9,802.50. These restrictions will remain in effect until the end of May.

Designed by: Radoslaw Święciki
Source: ZUS, Wprost.pl
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