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Farmers protest on Tuesday. Sekerski’s bitter words to Brussels

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The European Commission has made Green Deal demands that are too big, irrational and costly, Agriculture Minister Czeslaw Sekierski said in Brussels. Approx. 10,000 farmers will take part in tomorrow’s farmers’ protest in Warsaw.

During a press conference in Brussels after a meeting of EU agriculture ministers, the head of the Polish Ministry of Agriculture, Czeslaw Sekierski, admitted that the European Commission “put forward too large, unreasonable and expensive demands for the Green Deal.”

Sekierski is critical of the Green Deal

The minister stressed that they were intended to serve the environment and combat climate change, but “in fact, they led to the bankruptcy of many farms.” “That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t work to protect the climate, we just need to do it differently,” said the Minister of Agriculture, stressing that the European Commission “must check its plans.”

Sekersky said that he had submitted an application to abandon the deposit. – Eliminate steaming as a special exception in 2024. Then start the process of changing these basic laws so that steam can be replaced by a form of eco-scheme, i.e. it was voluntary, you can use steam and farmers will be paid for it – said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

– I also asked to simplify crop rotation and administrative requirements. In order not to punish for mistakes made, if they were not made intentionally in order to deceive and stretch the EU budget for some payments. So that farmers can provide statements, rather than photographs, that they have performed a given action correctly – added.

Sekierski noted that farmers know how to do crop rotation and how to take care of animal welfare, and Brussels should not impose rules on them that they are unable to comply with.

According to Sekierski, the reason for the current protests by farmers throughout the European Union is the opening of imports from outside the EU. The minister emphasized that the influx of agricultural products from Ukraine has made production unprofitable not only in Poland, but farmers in other Community countries are also beginning to feel this. In his opinion, it is necessary to introduce certain rules in the field of trade between Ukraine and the European Union, especially with Poland.

Farmers’ protest tomorrow

On Tuesday, about 10,000 farmers will take part in a protest in Warsaw. Masovian police expect difficulties on the access roads to the capital. Therefore, he recommends leaving early to avoid traffic jams and roadblocks, or taking a detour.

Warsaw Town Hall said the farmers’ strike was due to begin at around 11:00 at Defilad Square. From there, protesters will march along the following streets: Emilia Plater, Jerusalem Alley, Rondo de Gaulle, Nowy Świat, Trzecha Krzyzy Square, Wijska in front of the Sejm building. The striking farmers will then march along Piencna Street and Ujazdowski Alley to the headquarters of the Prime Minister’s Office.

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