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“It hurts,” – the minister about delays at KPO

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KPO will be completed in 2026. We need to implement 55 reforms and 55 investments,” said Minister of Finance and Regional Policy Katarzyna Pelczyńska-Nalęcz in an interview with RMF FM. The minister said that the government is completing a review of the KPO.

Last Friday, the head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced the release of KPO funds and cohesion funds for Poland. – I have good news. Next week two decisions will be made regarding European funds that are currently blocked for Poland. These decisions will release up to €137 billion from the Next Generation Fund and Cohesion Policy. This is great news for Europe and for Poland, this is your achievement – said the President of the European Commission.

Finance Minister on delays at KPO

Katarzyna Pelczyńska-Nalęcz, Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, spoke about the release of funds for Poland in an interview with RMF FM today. Interviewer Grzegorz Sroczynski noted that the KPO funds (almost 60 billion euros) expire in 2026.

– We have a two-year delay, we also have a delay in unity, but this delay in KPO hurts much more – admitted Pelczynska-Nalecz. – KPO will be completed in 2026. We need to implement 55 reforms and 55 investments – she added.

The head of the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy explained to the RMF FM that the delay is due to the fact that “most of the investments and reforms have not been carried out for two years.” – Now we need to speed up enormously – emphasized Pelczyńska-Nalęcz.

The Minister of Finance and Regional Policy said that the government is completing a review of the KPO. – This is a package (being prepared – ed.) for the European Commission, which needs to be changed so that we can implement this project to the maximum extent. – explained Pelczyńska-Nalęcz, emphasizing that it is not so much about expenses, but about investments.

– The point is not to waste money, but to invest it in the development of Poland so that it arouses interest. However, KPO is a loan (…) We conducted an audit of KPO literally across the ministry, and now we have the entire package for the Prime Minister’s negotiations with the European Commission. What needs to be postponed to a later date in order to be on time; what needs to be changed – she added.

The European Commission is due to officially unblock KPO for Poland next Thursday.

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