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Topaz opens stores on Sunday. He found a way

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Topaz stores are also open on non-trading Sundays. They are allowed to do this with one of the exceptions provided by the Law.

Today marks six years since the Law banning Sunday trading came into force. Since the introduction of the rules, individual retail chains have been looking for a way to conduct business on the last day of the week. This is exactly the path that Topaz found.

Topaz rents equipment

According to newshandlowe.pl, Topaz has placed equipment in some of its more than 120 stores that is more associated with a gym than a grocery store. The facilities included, among other things, treadmills, trampolines and exercise benches. – Please do not use sports equipment at the stand. Sports equipment can only be rented. – this message can be read by customers of one of the retail outlets.

The possibility of renting sports equipment will allow Topaz to operate on non-trading Sundays. One of the exceptions included in the Law prohibiting Sunday trading states that trading is possible “in commercial establishments, in establishments conducting business activities in the fields of culture, sports, education, tourism and recreation.” Equipment rental is not everything. Topaz organized an educational campaign encouraging customers to take care of their health (the posters contain slogans such as “Live actively, move” or “Be in shape, take care of your health!”), and the new version of the chain’s mobile application is equipped with a pedometer. Customers who are active in this area will receive additional coupons for their purchases.

Wiadomoscihandlowe.pl reminds that Topaz is not the first retail chain to resort to the trick of renting equipment. Two years ago, the Intermarche store in Cieszyn decided to take a similar step.

Will there be changes to the Trade Prohibition Law?

Will others follow in their footsteps? It may turn out that this is no longer necessary. According to MondayNews, the Civic Coalition intends to lift the ban on Sunday trading, while giving employees two days off per month and double pay for working on weekends. This was one of the election promises of the main coalition party. The remaining coalition partners are wary of this proposal (“Left Wing”) or have other ideas for change on this issue (“Third Way”).

The next trading Sunday will be March 24, which is a week before Easter.

Designed by: Radoslaw Święciki
Source: newscihandlowe.pl
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