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Pension indexation is approaching. Calculated how much Tusk and Kaczynski will win

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On March 1, pensions and pensions will be indexed. It will also be used by two important Polish politicians who reached retirement age some time ago. How much will Donald Tusk and Jaroslaw Kaczynski win?

After the Central Statistical Office (GSO) announced data on the real growth of average wages in 2023, it became possible to calculate the indexation index of pensions (the average annual price index of consumer goods and services in the previous calendar year increased by at least 20% of the real increase in average wages fees for the previous calendar year).

Valorization since March. How much will Tusk and Kaczynski win?

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy officially announced that this year the indexation of pensions will be 12.12%. This means that from March 1, the lowest pension, total disability pension, survivor’s pension and social pension will increase from the current PLN 1,588.44 to PLN 1,780.96 gross, which means an increase of approximately PLN 192 gross. In turn, the average pension, which is currently about 3,300 PLN gross, will increase by approximately 400 PLN gross per month.

As Fakt notes, the percentage indexation planned for this year gives people higher benefits, they will receive more, which is clearly seen in the example of retired politicians.

The newspaper examined the situation of two important Polish politicians who recently reached retirement age. The 67-year-old prime minister receives three pensions, including an allowance from the Social Security Institute (ZUS). He switched to it in 2022 and, according to the asset declaration, received 52,000 zlotys. 200 zlotys. If Tusk received benefits immediately after reaching retirement age, he will receive approximately 5,000 zlotys. 800 zlotys gross per month. Thanks to indexation, he can count on approximately PLN 700 gross every month until retirement. The newspaper notes that Tusk also receives an EU pension (in 2022 it was approximately 283,000 zlotys) and an allowance from Belgium (1,500 zlotys). In addition to these benefits, the head of government also receives the prime minister’s salary (more than PLN 20,000 gross).

Thanks to the March indexation, the Prime Minister can count on something like 700 plus. PiS President Jaroslaw Kaczynski will receive more, almost PLN 1,000-plus. The 74-year-old politician’s pension is about 8 thousand zlotys. zlotys gross. Due to indexation, ZUS will pay the former prime minister approximately PLN 970 gross more. As you know, the leader of the former ruling party is not leaving politics yet. Thanks to his parliamentary mandate, Kaczynski receives a salary of almost 13,000 zlotys. zlotys gross.

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