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Pensioners will receive an additional 5.5 thousand zlotys. zloty The law on honorary benefits will be released soon

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Although the honorary benefit has been provided for more than 50 years, the current government wants to introduce legislative regulation in this area. To receive more than 5.5 thousand PLN gross, older people must fulfill one condition.

On Monday, the provisions of the bill on honorary benefits were published on the government website. To receive them, you must fulfill one condition – to reach 100 years of age.

Honorable Service in Law. Who can count on money?

Perhaps not everyone knows, but such benefits have been assigned by the Social Insurance Institute (ZUS) since 1972 by decision of the Prime Minister. So why the bill? The authors of the project emphasize that “in the current constitutional reality, the principles and procedure for providing honorary benefits should be regulated in law, and not in an act of internal law adopted several decades ago in a different political system.” The purpose of the proposed regulation is to ensure legal regulation of a long-standing tradition and, as it was emphasized, to ensure certainty and predictability of the legal situation of the oldest part of society.

According to the draft assumptions, the right to honorary benefits will be granted according to existing rules, regardless of the right to old-age and disability pensions. In practice, this means that everyone who turns 100 will receive the money, even if they have not previously worked and therefore have no pension rights. However, such people will have to apply to ZUS and provide a document confirming their date of birth. The rest, as before, will receive benefits according to their position.

Additional 5.5 thousand zloty

It is worth noting that the honorary allowance will not be subject to indexation, which means that once assigned, it will be paid in the same amount for the rest of your life. The amount of the benefit depends on a base amount set at the beginning of March, which increases annually. Currently it is PLN 5,540.25 gross.

It is worth emphasizing that the number of persons entitled to honorary benefits is growing every year. Last year ZUS reported that it would reach 2.9 thousand. Poles, whereas two years ago there were 2.6 thousand. people, and in 2020 2.2 thousand people. According to agency forecasts, in 20 years the number of 100-year-olds in Poland will exceed 20,000, in 2060 there will be more than 65,000, and in 2080 – already 124,000.

The body responsible for developing the law on honorary benefits is the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy. The project should be adopted by the government in the second quarter of this year.

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Source: TVN24 Business, Wprost.pl
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