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The tax office blocked more than 5,000 zlotys. continued Record year last year

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Since 2018, the tax authorities have blocked more than 5 thousand. bank accounts worth almost 443 million zlotys, writes Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. The justification was the suspicion that tax losses of almost 2.5 billion zlotys could arise.

According to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, the number of accounts blocked by the tax service is growing every year, and even the Covid-19 pandemic has not changed it. The only thing that decreases is the amount (as estimated by the tax service). possible tax losses from which account blocking is intended to protect.

The tax office blocked more than 5,000 zlotys. continuation

According to the Ministry of Finance, cited by the newspaper, over the past six years a total of 5,223 accounts worth 443 million zlotys have been blocked. The justification was the suspicion that tax losses could amount to almost 2.5 billion zlotys.

Last year, the tax office blocked most of the accounts. We are talking about 1,188 bills relating to 312 legal entities. The total amount of blocked funds is PLN 88.5 million.

The six-year period in this case is not accidental, because the possibility of blocking an account appeared on April 30, 2018, with the entry into force of a new section of the tax decree. Next, STIR (Special Clearing House Teleinformatics System) was launched, whose task is to check the banking system to identify transactions aimed at VAT fraud and other tax fraud.

The head of the National Tax Administration and the five heads of customs and tax services: Lower Silesia, Mazowieckie, Łódź, Podlaskie and Greater Poland Voivodeships can request blocking of accounts. The blocking is based on a risk index determined based on automated algorithms that are not publicly available. The authority must also substantiate the suspicion that the account holder is using the activities of banks or credit unions for purposes related to tax fraud.

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