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Delay in construction of nuclear power plant? Morawiecki spoke out

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Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Milos Motyka admitted that a one-year delay in the process of preparing the construction of the nuclear power plant is possible. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki referred to this statement when announcing the topic of tomorrow’s meeting of the working group on Poland.

– Nuclear energy, along with the CPC, is a key area of ​​strategic investment serving the development of Poland. In the meantime, we are hearing statements from the government suggesting a deferral of investment. Previously, government officials talked about changing the location. Poland really cannot afford such tactics. We will discuss the issue of nuclear power and energy sources with experts at tomorrow’s Working Group meeting in Poland – This was announced by former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

Deputy Minister for Nuclear Power Plant Construction. “Slight Delay”

The former prime minister referred to a statement by Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Milos Motyka. During the National Energy and Heating Congress Powerpol, he announced a “more realistic work schedule for the nuclear power plant.” — There may be a slight delay, but this does not change the fact that the capacities installed at nuclear power plants must be included in the state’s energy policy, also taking into account the direction of other sources, such as construction and installation work. – said the deputy head of the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Motyka acknowledged that this “small delay” could mean a year. — This is the result of environmental decisions. The location decision is final. Negotiations with the European Commission on funding are ongoing. We are able to adhere to the originally anticipated schedule without delays on technological issues or access to semiconductors, which will allow us to launch the first plant as early as 2033 – said the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment.

Let us remind you that the Working Group for Poland is a “Law and Justice” initiative announced immediately after the elections, which, contrary to appearances, is not a so-called shadow cabinet. In addition to politicians, the committee includes independent experts from various fields. The team’s task is to analyze the most important issues for our country and, as a result, create bills that will be submitted to the Seimas on an ongoing basis.

The previous meeting of the Polish Working Group was devoted to energy policy.

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Source: X, Business Insider Poland, Wprost.pl
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Source: Wprost

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