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“This is the wrong form of protest, but…” Sekersky about the Ukrainian grain spill

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Farmers could not contain their emotions, but it should be remembered that they are in a very difficult economic situation – this is how Minister of Agriculture Czeslaw Sekierski spoke about yesterday’s incident in Dorohuska. Protesting farmers stopped three Ukrainian trucks and spilled grain on the road.

The farmers’ protest has been ongoing since Friday, in particular against the influx of food from Ukraine. Yesterday, on national road No. 12 leading to the Dorohusk border crossing, protesting farmers stopped three Ukrainian trucks and spilled some grain on the road.

Sekersky about the spill of Ukrainian grain

The incident was commented on by Minister of Agriculture Czeslaw Sekierski. – I must admit that the situation is tense. Polish farmers spilled some of the grain from Ukrainian trucks. In my opinion, this is the wrong form of protest, but it is often used by farmers in different countries. Farmers could not contain their emotions, but it should be remembered that they are in a very difficult economic situation. At the beginning of spring field work, they do not have money to buy fertilizers and plant protection products. It’s hard not to understand their despair – emphasizes the head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

– I am a supporter of dialogue and direct conversations as the best form of solving complex problems – added.

In a later comment, Sekierski apologized on behalf of Polish farmers and asked for understanding of their situation. “On behalf of Polish farmers, I apologize for this act of despair and ask for understanding of their extremely difficult situation.” We are conducting technical negotiations with the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, during which we want to determine the terms of trade exchange that would limit the influx of goods that disrupt the stability of agri-food markets – emphasized the Minister of Agriculture.

Sekersky noted that representatives of the Ukrainian authorities “also were not restrained.” He referred, in particular, to statements by the mayor of Lvov. Andrei Sadovy in his Telegram channel called on Polish farmers to dump Ukrainian grain from trucks at the border “pro-Russian provocateurs.” Today he apologized for this statement.

– I understand the resistance of the Ukrainian authorities to difficulties with the export of agricultural products. I am also fully aware that trade goes both ways and we also export to Ukraine. However, let’s remember that Polish farmers helped Ukraine and still want to help. However, they would like to see the Ukrainian budget benefit from this aid and benefit farmers rather than oligarchs who have vast areas for growing grain and other agricultural products. They are mainly behind these huge imports, which undermine the stabilization of agri-food markets in Europe. explains the head of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Sekierski emphasizes that the solution to the problems lies not only in Polish-Ukrainian relations, since “the European Commission is responsible for the organization and rules of trade in the common European market.”

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