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There are preliminary data on the unemployment rate in Poland. There is growth

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According to preliminary data from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, the unemployment rate at the end of January was 5.4 percent versus 5.1 percent. December. The ministry emphasizes that the increase in unemployment at the beginning of the year is not surprising.

Registered unemployment rate at the end of January this year. according to preliminary data from the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy, it amounted to 5.4 percent. The ministry notes that this is by 0.1 percentage point. less than a year ago, while acknowledging that the unemployment rate increased by 0.3 percentage points since December. The ministry notes that similar increases at the beginning of the year took place in previous years and amounted to: in 2023 – 0.3 percentage points, in 2022 – 0.1 percentage points, in 2021 – 0.2 percentage points, and in 2020 – 0.3 percentage points.

Rising unemployment rate in Poland. The resort is being transferred

– The increase in the unemployment rate at the beginning of the year is cyclical. The reason for the increase is the cessation or restriction of professional activities in industries that are highly dependent on weather conditions, i.e. in the following industries: agriculture, fruit growing, construction, tourism, event organization, etc. In these segments of the economy, it is impossible to maintain full employment all year round. Employees who come to work here in the warm season, when there are jobs, realize that there may be no orders in the winter and they will appear only in the spring. . As every year, the labor market is expected to revive in the spring, when the search for seasonal workers begins, the ministry emphasizes.

From the data provided by the ministry, we also learn that at the end of the previous month, 837.7 thousand people were registered with labor services. unemployed. Compared to the previous month, the number of unemployed increased by 49.5 thousand. people, that is, by 6.3%. At the end of January 2024, there were 19.8 thousand more people in the unemployment registers. (2.3%) fewer unemployed than a year earlier. Employers reported 96.4 thousand to the labor bureau. vacancies and places of professional activation. This is 28.4 thousand. (41.8%) more than a month earlier and 4.5 thousand (4.9%) more than in January last year.

Poland ranks second in the EU

The Ministry recalls the latest Eurostat data, which show that Poland remains a country with one of the lowest unemployment rates in the European Union. According to the methods of the EU statistical office, the unemployment rate in our country in December was 2.7%. Only Malta boasts a lower unemployment rate (2.4%). The EU average is 5.9%.

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Source: Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy
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