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Polish farmers poured Ukrainian grain. There is a reaction from the Ambassador of Ukraine

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The spill of Ukrainian grain by Polish farmers caused a sharp reaction from the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland. The mayor of Lvov called farmers “pro-Russian provocateurs” and today apologized for his words.

Farmer protests began on Friday in more than 250 localities in Poland. Thus, they oppose the influx of food from Ukraine and the demands placed on farmers under the European Green Deal.

On Sunday, on national road No. 12 leading to the Dorohusk border crossing, protesting farmers stopped three Ukrainian trucks and dumped some grain on the road. This caused a sharp reaction from the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland.

Polish farmers poured Ukrainian grain. Ambassador’s reaction

– The Embassy and Consulate General of Ukraine in Lublin immediately contacted the Polish police with a request to begin an investigation into this shameful crime. Polish police opened a case and began the necessary procedures – said Vasily Zvarich, quoted by Ukrayinska Pravda.

Zvarich said that the Ukrainian trucks, which were stopped by farmers and from which some of the grain spilled out, were sealed after customs clearance and were supposed to be in transit to Lithuania.

The ambassador emphasizes that “such methods of protesters should not be tolerated in a civilized European country, not to mention the moral side of this provocation.”

– The Polish authorities must react decisively at the legal level to this shameful and offensive crime for Ukrainians and the majority of Poles and prevent similar barbaric acts in the future – – said Zvarich.

The mayor of Lvov spoke about “pro-Russian provocateurs”, now he apologizes

The mayor of Lviv commented on yesterday’s events with harsh words. In his Telegram channel, Andrei Sadovyi called Polish farmers dumping Ukrainian grain from trucks at the border “pro-Russian provocateurs”:

– Let’s call a spade a spade. This photo shows how Ukrainian grain is being poured out of Ukrainian trucks by Polish, but in fact pro-Russian provocateurs. The pseudo-blockade at the border continues. Ukrainians literally shed their blood in the fields where this grain is produced. Harvesting wheat from a field that has seen war is like the work of a sapper. Such actions are despicable and shameful – appreciated by the mayor of Lvov.

In today’s interview with Polsat News, Sadovyi apologized for his words. – We have a peculiar attitude towards grain. We remember the times of the Great Famine. If I offended anyone, I’m sorry – – said the mayor of Lvov.

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