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The Poles were divided in Sunday trading. There is a latest poll

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The problem with the Sunday trading ban is not so obvious. Poles are divided on the issue and the results of opinion polls may be surprising.

46% are in favor of restoring trading on Sundays. Poles, and 44 percent oppose it, according to a survey by UCE Research and Offerista Group. The report’s authors emphasize that adoption of this decision has decreased by 8 percentage points over several months. Moreover, they predict that if nothing happens further on this topic, support will decline, but it should not fall below 40%.

– The poll results clearly show that Poles are very divided on the issue of the Sunday trade ban. However, there are apparently fewer supporters of a return to the situation before March 1, 2018, when all Sundays were commercial. Last September, UCE Research conducted an identical study for one of the largest trading portals in the market. Then the supporters of the above-mentioned decisions were 54 percent. Currently there are 46 percent. Thus, there is a clear decline over a relatively short period of time, i.e. by 8 percentage points. in just a few months – said study co-author Robert Bigay from Offerista Group, quoted in the press release.

Trading is prohibited on Sundays. The Poles are divided in half

In turn, UCE Research analysts note that the number of supporters and opponents is currently almost the same (46% versus 44%). However, many other studies have long shown that more than half of society is in favor of restoring the previous state. At one point, just over 60% of Poles supported him. According to the authors of the study, at the very beginning, consumers were unable to navigate the new situation, and the longer this lasts, the more their resistance to it weakens.

– Before the elections, the current ruling coalition promised to restore the situation by March 1, 2018, but it seems that there is no political will for this yet. Perhaps the new government has also done its research and concluded that as support for the idea is declining, it should be shelved because there are more pressing issues to address. I also believe that if the ruling camp continues to refrain from making decisions, the percentage of supporters will decrease. However, I don’t think support for bringing back all trading Sundays will fall below 40%. Most of society is still worried about the inability to shop on Sundays, especially hardworking residents of large cities – Bigay added.

The poll also shows that men are more likely to support the restoration of Sunday trading than women (51.6% compared to 40.4%). At the same time, this is mainly supported by people aged 18-24 years (including 65.9%), with a monthly net income of PLN 7000-8999 (60.7%), as well as with higher education (49.2%). ). This is mainly stated by residents of cities with a population of more than 500 thousand people. population (56.7%).

More women than men are against restoring trade on Sundays (47.9% versus 40.1%). Moreover, this position is occupied mainly by people aged 55-64 years (of which 54.7%), with a monthly net income of PLN 1000-2999 (49.4%) and with secondary education (47.4%). These are mainly residents of cities with a population of 50,000 or more people. up to 99 thousand population (49%), completed.

The survey was conducted from 3–5 February 2024 using the CAWI (computer-assisted interviewing) method by UCE Research and Offerista Group on a representative sample of 1,017 Polish adults.

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